Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition

Platform: Playstation Vita
Edition: Bonus Edition Format: Americas
Published by Sega
Released in United States on Dec 18, 2012 at a price of $29.99

The Bonus Edition of Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed includes the following content:

  • exclusive track based on Sega’s OutRun series of arcade racers.
  • exclusive vehicle featuring Metal Sonic.
  • Emoticon Sticker Pack

Preorder Exclusive

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Sonic franchise.


  1. geralds:
    Added Vita Edition

  2. geralds:
    Added Bonus Edition.

    Hey if anyone cares but this edition is also on ps3, 3ds, 360 and wii u
    if anyone cares about fixing this.

  4. Twisted:
    the japan version has a pre order bonus soundtrack cd included GO CITY LIONS!!!!

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