Two Worlds II Royal Edition

Platform: Xbox 360 Edition: Royal Edition Format: NTSC
Published by TopWare Interactive
Released in United States on Feb 04, 2011 at a price of $99.99

The Royal Edition of Two Worlds II comes in a unique fold-open box with a tray includes the following:

  • Hardcover Artbook (72 pages)
  • Map of Antaloor
  • Textile Mousepad
  • Playing Cards
  • “CASSARA” figurine
  • Bonus Disc
  • In Game Item Armor Set
  • In Game Item “Elexorien”
  • Exclusive In Game Map
  • Exclusive In Game Quest

Several sources cited that this edition was limited to 5000 units however it is unclear if that is total worldwide or per console per region.

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Two Worlds franchise.


  1. gurpswoo1:
    Hi all

    I can't seem to any info on Two Worlds II Royal Edition which I think is a German PAL exclusive.

    Here is an unboxing video which is sadly in german but you get the idea

    Does anyone have this or know where to get it from apart from eBay. Looking for PS3 or Xbox version.

    Coolshop is the only place but have non in stock, you need to order and they willl try to find one for you.

  2. scourdx:
    Well there are various version to the same game. The Royal Edition Europe is different from Royal Edition Australia/UK and N. America. The Royal Edition N. America isn't out yet and they are offering these content.
    • All features of standard edition
    • Bonus DVD (music tracks, concept art, wallpapers, making-of documentary)
    • World map depicting the expanded realm of Antaloor
    • Special edition Dragon Queen statuette
    • Exclusive unlockable in-game weapon
    • Two Worlds II Limited Edition Collectable

    Here is the image I took from other website showing the European and Australian/UK version.

  3. Gemini-Phoenix:
    That German Royal Edition is very nice indeed! I missed the Royal Edition for the first game, so this would be very nice to have (In English though, obviously)

    Is there a UK version? If so, where is the UK Royal Edition available to pre-order? I can't seem to find it on any site - Or is it only available directly from the publisher site?

    And isn't this game due out in mid-January 2011? How come people have it already? I'm confused

  4. Mandingo:
    Amazon Germany has them.

  5. gurpswoo1:
    I will wait a bit until the price drops a little before getting this one. £70 is a little high for me.

  6. Gemini-Phoenix:
    First Sonic Colours, now this. Surely the UK is a much larger market for such a thing? I also believe that if it were in English, it would appeal to a broader spectrum of collecor's, whereas a German one would only realisticly appeal to German's and Austrian's, thus lowering their target demographic considerably...

    There's still time though, and would be nice if one of the major UK retailers could secure an English version of this, as it truly is a waste if it's a German exclusive

  7. Gemini-Phoenix:
    They have them available on the Zuxxezdirekt website (€89.99), but there's no telling whether they are English or German language:

    PS3 (Royal Edition) -

    X360 (Royal Edition) -

    The webpage states German, English, French, so I presume that there is English present, but it is most likely secondary to English

    There is also a Premium Edition available on the site for just €79.99:

    PS3 (Premium Edition) -

    X360 (Premium Edition) -

  8. gurpswoo1:
    The coolshop states that the game cover is english, it could be multi a language box like many other Euro releases.

    I agree with Gemini-Phoenix, why restrict the market. Unless of course this game is far more popular in Germany than anywhere else.

  9. Gemini-Phoenix:
    There's still a month to go before release, so perhaps UK retailers are contesting the rights to an exclusive? But if have the rights to distribute it in Germany, I think we should really be keeping an eye out on the site, as it is more likely they will secure the rights for it here as well

    But if not, then why bother adding the extra languages to an edition primarily intended for just Germany? It makes no sense unless they also intend to sell it in the UK and France as well

    Mind you, those promotional pictures I showed above are entirely in English, so logic dictates that we should also see the Royal Edition surface in the UK - Unless it's one of those CE's which is only going to be available direct from the publisher and not sold through the usual retailers.

  10. Mandingo:
    Those editions look great.

  11. Icek:
    Royal Edition sure look awesome. I only hope that the game will worth buying and playing, so it will justify buying this edition.

  12. gurpswoo1:
    A listing for Two Worlds Collector's Edition has appeared on for both PS3 and Xbox 360 and PC. It's being released in 28 days times on the 4 FEB 2011.

    No information is currently avaliable but the prices are very high indicating that it may be similar to the Royal Edition already released in Germany.

    There is some info on the New Zealand website Ebgames which states it includes:

    •The Two Worlds II: Collector's Edition contains:
    ◦Labyrinth–multiplayer map
    Infamous throughout the lands of Antaloor. Countless adventurers have journeyed into the depths only to be lost of the shadows of the crypts.

    Type: Two Handed Sword
    Required Level:15
    Characteristics: 35 slashing damage, 35 bludgeoning damage, 100 cold damage and 20% increased attack speed
    Bonus: Increases Stamina and skill

    Type: One handed war hammer
    Required level: 15
    Characteristics: 60 bludgeoning damage
    Bonus: 20% increased strength

    Note: Game have changed this edition name to Royal Edition.

  13. Mandingo:
    If this is anything like the German edition, it will be nice indeed.

  14. gurpswoo1:
    Is this one that was released in Germany and few other specific countries in Europe only?

    Didn't know it had English as a option, do you know if it was English dubbed or substitles only?

    Can't believe this was released in 2007, wonder if they have improved the visuals or added some extra content for the UK and USA release.

  15. Ayiu:
    I think it was released only in Germany because I haven't seen any copy without the german USK sign.

    I copied the release date from but I saw that Wikipedia listed also the 31. August 2007.

    It's dubbed in German, English, French.
    Subs are available for Spanish and Italian.

  16. scourdx:
    Apparently the N. American will be getting the same as the European version

    I hope this is what the final product will look like.

  17. Mandingo:
    Here's hoping the quality of the game matches the quality of the packaging!

  18. twistedsymphony:
    US version is released today...

    I apologize for not getting this in the database. I'll get it up there tonight.

  19. twistedsymphony:
    stopped by gamestop... release date was today however they're not receiving them into the store until thursday...

    IMO this is good news, a game released with such little fan fare is sure to be released in small numbers and hold it's value... this is double good if the game actually becomes a sleeper hit.

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