Cherryblossam Limited Edition

Platform: Dreamcast
Edition: Limited Edition
Format: NTSC-J

Published by Takuyo
Released in Japan on Apr 28, 2004 at a price of ¥7,800

The Limited Edition of Cherryblossam (Cherryblossam ~チェリーブロッサム~) comes in a cardboard oversleeve and, pending where purchased from, includes the following content:

  • Abridged Soundtrack CD  (standard in the Limited Edition)
  • Special Boys CD” Male Vocal Songs CD
  • Dreamcast Character Promotion CD” Radio Promotionals and Music CD  (Sega Direct Exclusive)

Cover Art

Abridged Soundtrack CD

Special Boys CD

Sega Direct CD



The Limited Edition by default included the abridged soundtrack CD. If purchased from select retailers, it also included the “Special Boys CD”. And if ordered from Sega of Japan’s online store “Sega Direct” it also included the “Dreamcast Character Promotion CD“.