Divinity Original Sin Collector's Edition

Platform: PC
Edition: Collector's Edition
Format: DVD-ROM

Published by Larian Studios
Released in United States on Jun 20, 2014 at a price of $94.99
Released in Europe on Jun 20, 2014 at a price of €69.99

The Collector’s Edition of Divinity Original Sin includes the following content:

  • Two copies of Divinity: Original Sin for co-op adventuring
  • Digital copies of Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity
  • Recipe cards to help you craft in-game
  • Cloth map of Rivellon
  • Two-sided A2 poster
  • Soundtrack CD
  • An Original Sin-themed playing card deck
  • Premium-quality RPG dice set with pouch
  • Sticker pack
  • A pair of DLC items

Only 3000 Collector’s Editions are printed in English, and 1500 of these have been pre-ordered by Kickstarter backers. Also available are 2000 Collector’s Editions localized in German, and 1000 in both French and Polish.

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