Fate/hollow ataraxia Limited Edition

Platform: Playstation Vita
Edition: Limited Edition
Format: Japan

Published by Kadokawa Games
Released in Japan on Nov 27, 2014 at a price of ¥8,000

The limited edition of Fate/hollow ataraxia comes in a collector’s box and includes the following content:

  • Fate/hollow ataraxia” Vita Game
  • Avenger” Servant Figure
  • Capsule material” Capsule Servant mini-game Artbook (150 pages, softcover)
  • Hanafuda material” Artbook (50 pages, softcover)
  • Unassembled slip box to hold both Fate series physical Vita games.  (not included inside the collector’s box)

 Limited Edition Overview Image

Collector's Box

Game Cover Art

"Avenger" servant figure   Material Book Covers

Fate Games Slipbox


While the limited edtion of the game was not exclusive to any one store, the pre-order bonus items certainly were.

Pre-Order Bonus:

Capsule Servant” Mini-game Download Code. And in additon to the DLC, there were twenty different pre-order bonuses, each of which was exclusive to specific different online and offline stores.

"Capsule Servant" Mini-Game Title Screen

Sofmap (ソフマップ) – Size B2 Fabric Poster

Sofmap Pre-Order Bonus

Animate (アニメイト) – Size B2 Fabric Poster

Animate Pre-Order Bonus

Wonder Goo (ワンダーグー) – Size B2 Fabric Poster

Wonder Goo Pre-Order Bonus

No Toshogu (いまじん) – Size A1 Fabric Poster

No Toshogu Pre-Order Bonus

Ebten – Mug

Ebten Pre-Order Bonus

Steraworth (ステラワース) – 4 Pin Set

Steraworth Pre-Order Bonus

Amiami (あみあみ) – Crystal Paperweight

Amiami Pre-Order Bonus

Gamerz (ゲーマーズ) – Size B3 Fabric Poster

Gamerz Pre-Order Bonus

Futaba Books (フタバ図書) – Bromide (aka a high quality picture of the frameable variety)

Futaba Books Pre-Order Bonus

Families (ファミーズ.com) – Telephone Card

Families Pre-Order Bonus

Treasure Island Game Shop (ゲームショップ宝島) – Postcard

Treasure Island Game Shop Pre-Order Bonus

Comrade (コムロード) – Pencil Board

Comrade Pre-Order Bonus

Seven Net Shopping (セブンネットショッピング) – Digital Wallpaper (unknown if this was via DLC code or on a physical disc)

Seven Net Shopping Pre-Order Bonus

Chara-Ani (キャラアニ) – Telephone Card

Chara-Ani Pre-Order Bonus

UFOTable – Staff Message Calendar and Opening Animation Handbook

UFOTable Pre-Order Bonus

Geo (ゲオ) – Size A4 Clear File

Geo Pre-Order Bonus

Amazon.co.jp – Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Amazon JP Pre-Order Bonus

Rakuten Books (楽天books) – IC Card Sticker

Rakuten Books Pre-Order Bonus

Yamada Denki (ヤマダ電機) – Size A4 Clear File

Yamada Denki Pre-Order Bonus

Tsutaya – Size A4 Desk Mat

Tsutaya Pre-Order Bonus

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