Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition

Platform: PC
Edition: Collector's Edition
Format: DVD-ROM

Released in United States on Jun 26, 2012 at a price of $149.99

The Collector’s Edition of Guild Wars 2 comes packed in a big box and includes the following content:

  • Collectible metal box
  • 10-inch Rytlock figurine
  • Custom art frame, portfolio, and five art prints
  • Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD and Guild Wars 2 Game
  • 112 – page Making of Guild Wars 2 hardback book

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Guild Wars franchise.


  1. Ceohai:
    Full Game Name: Guild Wars 2
    Edition Name: Collector's Edition
    Platform(s): PC
    Region(s): Unknown
    Publisher: NCSoft
    Release Date: Unknown
    Price (RRP): $149.99 USD / £129.99
    Bar Code: Unknown
    Package Description:
    Content Description:
    A copy of Guild Wars 2 plus
    Physical bonuses:
    10-inch Rytlock figurine
    112 page Making of Guild Wars 2 book
    Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD
    Art Portfolio and Five Art Prints
    Custom Frame
    Digital bonuses:
    Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill
    This unique elite skill allows the player to summon a temporary Mistfire Wolf pet for use in combat.
    Miniature Rytlock
    Chalice of Glory
    Tome of Influence
    Golem Banker
    Link(s) to source(s):
    Other Info/Pics:

    Based on the picture it appears to be packaged in a nice metal box, and the game disc may be in a sleeve rather than a DVD case.

    So far the only site that has it listed is NCSoft, and pre-orders start on April 10th.

  2. narg:
    hell yeah! whos with me!!

    price (supposedly) 150$ or £150

  3. vhal_x:
    Is the guild wars site the only place to preorder? Also, I assume you have to pay up front on that site, considering it says "pre-purchase" ? xx

  4. thefunk007:
    £130 for UK customers!


  5. vhal_x:
    £130!? Why do we always get shafted by the currency conversion? $150 quite CLEARLY is not £130 :/ xx

  6. Letrico:
    I don't know but it seems like it will be the 2nd KoA Signature Edition. Gonna preorder it asap.

  7. vhal_x:
    Same here, is it available for any UK people yet? xx

  8. Letrico:
    Well it will only be available on 10th April so I think no one can break that street date since there might be more stuff =D

  9. vhal_x:
    Hopefully you don't have to pay in advance xx

  10. Letrico:
    hha hopefully it will be available in Australia retailers. I dont wanna see my stuff get destroyed during international shipping again T_T

  11. .Z.:
    Wiki has published a list of retailers for pre-purchase. In the UK it looks like Zavvi are getting the CE exclusive I think I'll be sitting tight and waiting for the inevitable price drop.

  12. vhal_x:
    Wait, so if it's prepurchase at Zavvi, does that mean you just pay on release !? xx

  13. vhal_x:
    Wait, just realised you still will It's saying the the release date is the 10th xx

  14. jugolicious:
    I guess this edition won't be as exclusive as I thought =/

  15. vhal_x:
    Yeah, it's available pretty much everywhere - my only saving grace is that, because Zavvi has it, it might not sell out as fast, so I may still have hope of getting it xx

  16. jugolicious:
    Vhal, seems like you end up getting everything, so no worries

  17. vhal_x:
    Haha, except the KoA Signature Missing out on that one will haunt me forever haha xx

  18. jugolicious:
    it is okay

    to be honest, i dont even like that edition that much. i dont like any edition that doesn't have one special packaging for the whole ce =( I don't like how everything was separate for this edition....

  19. vhal_x:
    Well if you ever sell it, you know who wants first refusal

    Yeah I agree, especially for the price it was, it should have come with a fancy box to store it all in, or something - instead of just seperate items xx

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