One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Collector's Edition

Platform: Playstation 3
Edition: Collector's Edition
Format: 2

Published by Namco Bandai
Released in Europe on Aug 23, 2013 at a price of €89.99

The Collector’s Edition¬†of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2¬†includes the following content:

  • 14cm figurine of Luffy, created by sculptor Keiji Iwakura

one peice pirate warriors 2


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  1. comaamen86:
    this edition added to db also widely available across europe with uk coming soon find out where to pre order here!!!

  2. comaamen86:
    also just for note it is def august release, but 23rd is placeholder no specific day has been announced

  3. sniper_samurai:
    Amazon UK have started listing this for ?52.63.
    If anyone is interested in this they might want to order it before they realise its the wrong price as it should be around ?75.

  4. comaamen86:
    ahhh good price

  5. melt:
    Will be getting the statue locally. Dont like the game at all. The statue itself cost around USD 60

  6. comaamen86:

    dunno if this appeals to anyone

  7. CheapAssassin:
    Originally Posted by comaamen86 View Post
    Sad.. dont send this to US..

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