Valkyria Chronicles 2 DX Pack

Platform: PSP
Edition: DX Pack
Format: 2

Published by Sega
Released in Japan on Jan 21, 2010 at a price of ¥8,295

The DX Pack of Valkyria Chronicles 2  includes the following content:

  • リバーシブルロングポスター – Reversible Long Poster
    Size: 297mm × 841mm
    Long Vertical-Horizontal size posters decorate reversible.
    Width: Avant-Hadensu of hero, Zeri and Cosette, the Royal Academy
    I decorate as a lateral tension classmates had gathered together a set of G.
  • ランシール校章 マイクロファイバークロス – Microfiber cloth emblem Ranshiru
    Size: 200mm × 200mm
    Multi Cloth made of micro fiber featuring the emblem of the Royal Military Academy Ranshiru. I do not miss not wiped off wiped off with a towel is normal, even dirt micron.
  • オリジナルデザインオフィシャルTシャツ – Original Design Official T-Shirt

Pre-Order Bonus: exclsuive 喜多村 英梨さん謹製、コゼットイラスト入りカラーサイン色紙(複製 – Mr. Kitamura British pear humbly made, colored paper sign containing color illustrations Cossette (replica)


Any store: ドキュメント オブ ガリア 1936 – Document of 1936 Gallia

Luxury four major recorded content: content benefits!
Front 1936 memoir Gallia Valkyria Chronicles Vol1 (DVD Bonus)
Decryption mandate Vol2 Guest Characters (content get ahead)
Galient journal Vol3 1936 (16P booklet)
Vol4 Limited Sound Track (MP3 data)


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