Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition

Platform: Wii U
Edition: Special Edition
Format: Americas

Published by Nintendo
Released in United States on Dec 04, 2015 at a price of $89.99

The Special Edition of Xenoblad Chronicles X includes the following:

  • A 100 page book of concept art
  • A USB drive modeled after the game’s “Lifehold Unit,” pre-loaded with a selection of 10 music tracks from the game’s soundtrack
  • A limited-edition matted 5×7 art card of a painting done for the game by illustrator Takashi Kojo


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  1. Mr_Great_Dane:
    Omg.. what a beautiful edition !!
    I'm very much pleased to see that Nintendo, (in this version thou), has dropped all the DLC dung, unlike many other publishers.. Of course is it quite okay that they include some DLC slippers. Just as long the DLC's aint included instead of real physical items !! Well ... this was just some of my thoughts.. yet again, what an awesome Xenoblade Chronicles X: Collector's Edition - One I def would like to have - Cya around the Web

  2. Twisted:
    YES..i am very much looking forward to this..i just hope the box is not some thin flimsy package...that easily creases or dings...

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