Battlefield: Bad Company Gold Edition Arrives Today

The highly anticipated Battlefield: Bad Company Gold edition arrived in stores today for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in both North America and Europe.

The Gold Edition includes 5 in-game weapons, one per kit, each with  its own characteristics. Really these are nothing more than weapons that would otherwise be unlocked at 25 simply unlocked right from the beginning.

Also on the disc is a behind the scenes “making of” documentary and eight multi-player strategy videos. In addition to the special game disc there is also a Battlefield: Bad Company poster.

North Americans get a standard keep case with a shiny cardboard slip cover, meanwhile European Gamers are treated to a SteelBook case for their Gold Edition. Check out the lined pages below for pictures and additional info.

Battlefield: Bad Company Gold Edition SteelBook - Xbox 360 - PAL Battlefield: Bad Company Gold Edition - Xbox 360 - NTSC

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