This Week’s Database Updates

It occurred to me that you may not even realize how often we update our database here. As such I’m going to try to keep you updated every so often as to the changes in the database. This last week saw a huge boost to the North American releases as I spent some time working through the backlog of updates in the Additions and Corrections forum. Those of you who post up there to let us know about games we’re missing… know that it’s quite appreciated.

North America:




  1. DemonATX:
    This is great twisted. Exactly what site needs, a nice big weekly update. I've noticed the updates have been neglected for awhile now.

    On a side note I think you're missing a couple Japanese updates from the additions forum, maybe.

  2. twistedsymphony:
    Yeah I realize there haven't been many news posts lately I've been swamped at my real job and that typically means that my websites suffer (and yeah, I do run more than just CE.o).

    A lot of times even when the news page isn't getting much love I'm still making a ton of database updates, or snapping new photos of older releases.

    I'm thinking I might write a little program to automatically make a weekly update post like this. Hopefully it will help keep things consistent, or at very least let people know that we're still alive.

    As for the Japanese games, this isn't a list from the addition forum, these are mostly items that we moved from the additions forum into the actual database. with 150 or so pages worth of additions... we've still got a ways to go to catch up.

    I'm thinking we might need to bring on another DB Proprietor or two to help out with the UK and Australian releases... Japanese releases are still a problem too

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