Battlefield: Bad Company Gold Edition

Platform: Playstation 3 Edition: Gold Edition
Format: 1
Released in United States on Jun 23, 2008 at a price of $69.99

The Gold Edition of Battlefield: Bad Company comes in a standard green keep case with a glossy cardboard sleeve. Included is a “Gold Edition” version of the game disc as well as a Battlefield: Bad Company poster. In addition to the game the Gold Edition disc includes:

  • 5 in-game weapons, one per kit, each with its own unique characteristics.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary
  • 8 multiplayer strategy videos

News About this Collector's Edition:

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Battlefield franchise.


  1. Gemini-Phoenix:
    It has been rumored that the X360 version of this title was exclusively sold at HMV, whilst the PS3 version was widely available at most stores and websites. This has yet to be confirmed though, and remains just a rumor for the time being

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