Castlevania Lords of Shadow Limited Edition

Platform: Xbox 360 Edition: Limited Edition Format: NTSC
Released in United States on Oct 05, 2010 at a price of $79.99

The Limited Edition of Castlevania Lords of Shadow comes in “special packaging” and includes a 30+ page artbook, an 18+ track soundtrack, and a bonus game disc.

Pre-Order Bonus:
Those who pre-order Castlevania Lords of Shadow though Gamestop will also get a Lords of Shadow T-Shirt

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  1. Steve50013:



    Art book (estimated 30-40 pages)
    Soundtrack (estimated 18-20 tracks)
    PS3 game (1 game disc)
    Special Packaging

  2. twistedsymphony:
    already in the db:

  3. Majorg85k:
    You seem to only have the NTSC edition on your database. The European edition suposedly comes with the soundtrack and a replica mask. Although i don't find it in any UK store online. Anyone knows where to find it?

  4. gurpswoo1:
    As the details have yet to be confirmed by Konami, they have yet to allow pre-orders.

    It shouldn't be too long now as the release date is fast approaching.

  5. Majorg85k:
    Yeap that was my concern. Let's wait and see then.

  6. giGant:
    Is the PAL CE listetat any shop now?

  7. gurpswoo1:
    Is the PAL CE listetat any shop now?
    Still nothing, time to get concerned. this may never come out.

  8. scourdx:
    I always hate when company don't reveal their CE until you purchase it on the day it was release.

  9. twistedsymphony:
    pictures have been added

  10. Majorg85k:
    It's official Bahhhhhh...

  11. gurpswoo1:
    Looks like there a JAP ultimate edition coming in Decembe: -

  12. Majorg85k:
    Back again

  13. gurpswoo1:
    I can't take much more of this.

    Please please come out, hopefully it's not a manfacturing problems.

  14. gurpswoo1:
    You can now pre-order from

    £64.99 is a little expensive though, hoefully they have plenty in stock after launch and price comes down.

    Looks very good.

    I'm not risking it though, pre-ordered the PS3 version.

  15. Majorg85k:
    Pre-ordered it too. Very low stock if the tweets from Game are to be believed.

    "Seriously low stock on this one so if you want it - or know someone who does - get in quick."

    "For those who missed it! Get your Castlevania Lords of Shadow **Collectors Edition** now! *low stock on this one* "

  16. gurpswoo1:
    Looks interesting, this from the German site.

  17. twistedsymphony:
    added to the DB:

  18. scourdx:
    I find the N. American CE is weak. The packaging combine the artbook with soundtrack and game disc in one bundle. Perhaps the solid review will make this game harder to find in the future.

  19. twistedsymphony:
    it's certainly DIFFERENT... I can't say I've ever seen another CE like it.

    though given the $80 price tag I don't think it was worth it for the bonuses.

    I do think the Castlevania franchise has the right mix of popularity and obscurity to make this CE a valuable proposition down the road though.

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