DJ Max Portable 3 Limited Edition

Platform: PSP
Edition: Limited Edition Format: 2
Published by Pentavision
Released in Korea on Oct 14, 2010 at a price of W68,000

The Limited Edition of DJ Max Portable 3  includes the following content:

  • DJMAX Portable 3 Creator’s Book(116Pages!)
  • DJMAX Portable 3 Original Sound Track(2 disks, LP Concept)
  • Special UMD Package

Limited to 1000

Other games with Collector's Edition releases from the
DJ Max franchise.


  1. twistedsymphony:
    *** Added US First edition and Special Bundle Edition ***

  2. geralds:
    I be leave the limited edition was sold exclusively at

  3. twistedsymphony:
    fixed, thanks

  4. geralds:
    Added the Korean Limited edition.

  5. geralds:
    added Japanese limited edition.

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