Dragon ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Collector's Edition

Platform: Xbox 360 Edition: Collector's Edition Format: PAL
Published by Namco Bandai
Released in United Kingdom on Oct 28, 2011 at a price of £69.85

The Collector’s Edition of Dragon ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi includes the game and a figure which was part of the Tenkaichi figure contest.

Said to be limited to 10,000 unit.

In the United Kingdom the Dragon ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Collector’s Edition will be available exclusively through retailer Zavvi

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Dragon Ball franchise.


  1. Chris:
    even though they are making 10000 unit for this collectors edition

    you can buy that figure that is included in this set at ebay for less than $50

    and they are currently taking pre-orders.

    also i wish they have included goku like the one in the picture.

    that figure was very limited and it now like $150

  2. vhal_x:
    I wish Goku was in the set too... I mean, he's the main character FFS xx

  3. gurpswoo1:
    ** Added Dragon ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Exclusive DVD Edition PS3**
    ** Added Dragon ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Exclusive DVD Edition Xbox 360**

  4. Saturn:
    This edition is only limited to 10000 units in the UK I believe. Other countries will receive it too. As a result I canceled my preorded at zavvi and will buy it elsewhere. Greta to know that considering I have other priorities.

  5. gurpswoo1:
    Are you sure, most sources say it is 10,000 total across all of Euro and Pal regions.

    It should be released outside of UK and Australia, surprised there is no listing for it yet.

  6. Saturn:
    No, I'm not sure, I thought it was 10000 in the UK. It will be released in other countries, I know where I can preorder it.

  7. gurpswoo1:
    I have justed checked 4 sources, all say 10,000 total.

    If it available in Portugal, it's a no brainer to get it there. Stop the risk of arriving damaged all the way from zavvi. Zavvi don't exactly have the best reputation for sending items well packed.

    Out of interest what format are you going for: PS3 or Xbox 360?

  8. Saturn:
    Right now? I'll not buy any because I have other priorities and I'm in a pretty bad financial situation right now. But I'd go with the PS3 version if I had to. And I hate Zavvi for things they did in the past to me and a couple of collectors over here, so I only order from them if it's something really exclusive or the difference in price is justifiable, which isn't the case this time. I will wait some more time until I find a better opportunity or there's a price drop.

  9. Legendhawk:
    Here is my Dragonball Z : Ultimate Tenkaichi - Collectors Edition UNBOXING !
    This is a nice and beautiful looking figurine inside hope you like it .

    Contains :

    -Figurine : Gohan Super Saiyan
    -Game w/ big manual


    Poor packing from Zavvi

  10. TMM:
    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

    This is actually one of my latest purchases.

    Check out my photo unboxing here.


  11. Madigan:
    Are you going to spam every thread like a headless chicken? you can post em in your introduction thread


  12. TMM:
    Hi Madigan,

    That was not my intention. That is everything posted for now, I intend to keep you guys up to date with anything else I get, but at the moment I have listed all of the unboxings I have done.

    Sorry if I have annoyed you.


  13. Madigan:
    Nah it's fine. It's just a little annoying when you post in rapid succession using the same phrases, that's all.

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