Killer Is Dead (First Edition)

Platform: Xbox 360 Edition: (First Edition) Format: NTSC
Published by Xseed Games
Released in United States on Aug 27, 2013 at a price of $59.99
Released in Canada on Aug 27, 2013 at a price of $59.99

The First Edition of Killer Is Dead comes packaged in a cardboard sleeved box and contains the following content:

  • 25 Track Soundtrack CD
  • 82 Page Full-Color Hardcover Artbook
  • Smooth Operator DLC Pack:
    • Bonus Episode 51 (Sebastian)
    • Bonus Gigolo Mission (Betty)
    • Additional Costumes (Vivienne & Mika)
    • Gigolo Glasses


Early orders of this edition are automatically upgraded at no extra cost to the Limited Edition, meaning that the initial batch are considered the First Edition.



  1. comaamen86:
    added to db ps3 and xbox 360

  2. Amnoz:
    There is also this NA version

    I'm torn, I do not know which to get.

    I want the poster but maybe I could just get that in the future.

    It would be nice to know what the box actually looks like for the Fan Edition.

  3. mosavon:
    ** First Edition for PS3 & Xbox 360 added to database **

  4. rapister:
    thanks mosavon ...

    been playing this (japan release)... love this game despite reviews

  5. mosavon:
    No worries, enjoy the game

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