Monster Hunter Frontier Online Christmas Limited Package

Platform: PC Edition: Christmas Limited Package Format: DVD-ROM
Published by Capcom
Released in Japan on Dec 21, 2007 at a price of ¥5,040

The Christmas Limited Package of Monster Hunter Frontier Online comes in a Cardboard Box and includes the following content:

  • “White Metal” Armor packages code
  • Weapon packages Special offer Click for “Gaushikahorun (whistle hunting)” code
  • “Christmas · Tree” furniture packages code
  • “Clothesねこきん” purchase bonus double “season package Kinen 2.0 code

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Monster Hunter franchise.


  1. geralds:

  2. geralds:
    added 2010 aniversary edition and 2011 edition. added the 2nd premium package.

  3. Cosmic_Link:
    Really want this game for xbox 360! Wish it would come over here!! >.<

  4. geralds:
    i dout it never will seeing as xbox is going to die soon enough.

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