New Love Plus Rinko Complete Set

Japanese name: NEWラブプラス”NEWリンコデラックス” コンプリートセット

The Rinko Complete Set of New Love Plus includes the following content:

  • Special edition 3ds with Rinko on it
  • Soundtrack
  • Artbook (4 books)
  • Poster
  • Pins
  • 3DS Clear File

KonamiStyle Exclusive


  1. geralds:
    Added all 12 editions. I think Konami went a little over board.

  2. kittychloe:
    Going all out on the dating sims... One for each datable option?

  3. geralds:
    I havent a clue.

  4. kittychloe:
    3 datable characters with 4 collectors editions for each girl

  5. geralds:
    na i think there more options then that.

  6. kittychloe:
    All my information comes from the nerds at wikipedia
    the wiki gist was its the same 3 girls from the first game, new love plus lets you import your old save and gives more dating and ingame options

  7. NaughtyDogJames:
    the nerds at wikipedia
    This reminded me so much of the 'needs that runs facebook/Facebook police section of inbetweeners.

  8. geralds:
    meh there just way to many Japanese games. Japan pumps out games faster then any place. Theres probably over 5000 CE that need added to the date base and that just for the existing systems in the data base. That is not even considering older systems.

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