The Walking Dead Limited Edition

Platform: Xbox 360 Edition: Limited Edition Format: NTSC
Published by TellTale Games
Released in United States on Dec 04, 2012 at a price of $29.99

The Limited Edition of The Walking Dead compiles all of the episodes on a single disc and includes a poster.

In the US the Limited Edition was sold exclusively through Best Buy stores.

Photos contributed by: Twistedsymphony


  1. Solemn_In_Berlin:
    Full Game Name: The Walking Dead: The Game
    Edition Name: The Walking Dead: The Game Special Collector's Edition
    Platform(s): PS3, X360
    Region(s): NTSC, 1, PAL, 2
    Publisher: Telltale Games
    Release Date: December 4, 2012
    Price (RRP): $69.99
    Package Description: Special packaging
    Content Description: Collector's edition box and case
    1000-page compendium that includes:
    The first 48 issues of The Walking Dead comic
    A special cover by The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard
    Link(s) to source(s): IGN
    Other Info/Pics:

  2. ingmar1988:
    isnt this really cheap? with all the comics inside or am I missing something

  3. vhal_x:
    Yeah that is pretty cheap. The first compendium is like ?80-?100 here if I remember correctly. And that's one with a variant cover?

    Will definitely try to get this anyway... if it's real.

    There's been no official confirmation of it. Just this pic xx

  4. Ayiu:
    it's probably so cheap because they sell the game alone for 30 bucks due to the fact that most people have already bought every single episodes bit by bit through xbox live or psn

  5. Emzze:
    Oh my. Does want :o

  6. ingmar1988:
    Yeah and the compendium is already available for around 35 bucks on amazon.

  7. vhal_x:
    Whoops, just realised I wasn't thinking of the compendiums haha Yeah, they're around ?30-?35 here xx

  8. Letrico:
    IGN confirmed that this is GameStop exclusive T_T

    Is this coming to the UK?

  10. Noodles:
    I really hope this comes to the UK!


  11. thefunk007:
    Man where is the PC version!!!!!

  12. goonergaz:
    dang I gotta get that!

  13. kittychloe:
    Don't want to know what aus will charge if it gets here

  14. scourdx:
    Too bad it is only US exclusive. Canada got nothing.

  15. Neilikki:
    Waoh, hey, I want this ;/ UK pleaseee,pleassee...

  16. Xmo:
    I will service anybody who wants this CE, just PM me.
    Will cost $76.11 USD including sales tax

  17. ingmar1988:
    ***added to database***

  18. ingmar1988:
    ***added walking dead CE to database***

  19. nipperkipper:
    Ah man why gamestop, i dont mind ordering from the US, but Gamestop are just awful, high shipping and guaranteed customs every time

    really want this as well

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