Transformers Dark of the Moon Stealth Force Edition Decepticons (bundle)

Platform: DS Edition: Decepticons (bundle) Format: Europe
Published by Activision
Released in United Kingdom on Jun 24, 2011 at a price of £29.99

The Decepticons bundle of Transformers Dark of the Moon Stealth Force Edition includes the standard edition in bundled with a toy car and a Decpticon themed cover.

Other games with Collector's Edition releases from the
Transformers franchise.


  1. gurpswoo1:
    **Added bundle Edition to database Both PAL and NTSC**

    Press images of the toys:

    Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Ds Autobots


    Pre-orders in the UK here:



    other Countries should be live now and very soon.

  2. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Just stumbled upon this on the GAME website:

    Seems like a first release to me, and comes with a replica Bumblebee Camaro.

    This version is due out on the 24th of June 2011 - I expect a solus version of the game will follow shortly after release. Still, this is worth getting if you're a Wii or big box collector

  3. Gemini-Phoenix:
    As with the Wii version of the game, the DS is due a special first print bundle - Although in Autobot AND Decepticon flavours!

    Autobot version -

    Decepticon version -

    Due out on the 24th of June 2011, each with a replica model Transformer in disguise mode. I expect a standard edition will probably follow shortly after release

  4. gurpswoo1:
    Already in databse here:

  5. Gemini-Phoenix:
    You're jumping ahead of the game I see! Lol.

  6. gurpswoo1:
    LOL - thanks.

  7. geralds:
    you sure these are realy limited . Iv never seen them sold any other way band new at every store i go to and i still find stores with them all over the place. always with the toy car.

  8. gurpswoo1:
    No idea on how limited but as you said, they can be easily purchased from many store.

  9. geralds:
    I realy would not even call it limited as iv never seen 1 release for this game in my town or in several other towns with out the cars. Unless its like used from gamestop iv never seen it brand never ever. If i wanted i can still go to the store right now and pick it up brand new with the cars still if this is really limited that my god there has to b a huge number of these for them to still be sold like this.

  10. vhal_x:
    Geralds - nobody is disagreeing with you. We realise it really isn't limited. But it doesn't stop it from being a CE.

    75% of CE releases are pretty commonly available long after release (unfortunately) xx

  11. geralds:
    No its not that im saying its not just would it be considered a CE if it was the single only way to get and it was not in anyway limited?

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