Dead Space 3 Dev-Team Edition available for pre-order

Just in time for the upcoming 3rd person horror-shooter Dead Space 3, Visceral Games and Publisher Electronic Arts present the Dead Space 3 Dev-Team Edition. The Edition is limited to only 5000 units and is available for PC, Ps3 or Xbox 360. The Edition can be purchased on two ways either with the game for steep $160 USD or without the game for $100 USD.

The Dead Space 3 Dev-Team Edition comes in a fancy 13″ SCAF Tin Crate and includes the following:

  • 8″ Ployresin Black Marker Statue
  • Aluminum Data Pad
  • Med Pack Water Bottle
  • Bound SCAF Jotter
  • 3 SCAF Posters
  • 6 Peng Postcards
  • 96 Page Mini Art Book

The game includes the following DLC:

  • DLC: First Contact bundle (includes the First Contact Suit and Negotiator weapon for precise dismemberment)
  • DLC: Witness the Truth bundle (includes the Witness the Truth suit and tactical Evangelizer weapon)


The Dead Space 3 Dev-Team Edition is exclusively sold through EA.
The Add On can be pre-ordered here and with the game click here

Please consider: None of the game bundle orders will come with the game inside the box, they’ll come separated from the Dev Team CE!

Dead Space 3 is stated for release on February 05th in North America and February 07th in Europe

Thanks to DoctorX for letting us know



  1. winds:
    Cheers Ayiu!
    Bought this one I love the dead space games and although this CE is pretty expensive, the collector in me needed it.

  2. the-fixer-1:
    Cheers for that just ordered it. $128 dollars for me in total $28 of that was for shipping to UK but thats no prob. ill buy game here for ?40+ as dead space is a great game.

  3. m37r0id:
    Been monitoring EAs store for over 3 month now! Finally it arrived!

    Everything looks to be good quality except the walter bottle. I would prefer a regular replica of the med-pack. It's not like any collector is going to use it for drinking water anyways.

    Edit: Found a video!

  4. rapidly-greying:
    Order placed,now i live in fear that the wife don't find out and hope it gets delivered when she is out.

  5. rapidly-greying:
    Any sign of a steelbook on the horizon?

  6. Murtera:
    Bah, broke down and got it. Didn't want to risk not getting this with the limited amount that are being made.

  7. Ayiu:
    Some additional information:

    There will also be a individually numbered limited edition guide of Dead Space 3

    ISBN: 978-0307896483

    • Exclusive Peng lithograph art print
    • Incredible concept art section with artists' commentary
    • Detailed Maps
      Maps of every level
    • Expert Tactics
      Winning strategies for single-player and for the all new Co-Op mode
    • Know where everything is at
      Locations for power nodes, schematics and every other item in the game
    • Learn from the best
      Tips for building the very best weapons to take down the Necromorph plague

  8. ingmar1988:
    I think a dead space guide is fairly useless (besides collecting purposes).

    A shooter (im not sure i can call it horror anymore), is so lineair and fast, no time to read guides lol.

  9. Doomsayer:
    Originally Posted by rapidly-greying View Post
    Any sign of a steelbook on the horizon?
    Only seen it as Pre-order bonus from Gamestop Scandinavia this far (not like I was even looking).

    It was pretty nice idea from EA to offer option of only buying Dev-kit without game. Didn't have to cancel my Pre-order Limited edition with steelbook was prolly best bonus there was.

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