Limited Edition Red Xbox 360?

Not long ago rumors about a Red Xbox 360 started popping up. Kotaku recently caught a tid-bit where in an announcement to New Zealand retailers Microsoft inadvertently confirmed the console.

The email was to announce a deal whereby anyone buying a 360 console in NZ would, for a limited time, receive a free copy of Halo Wars. Good deal! Except, there’s a catch. You’ll get the game if you buy an Arcade, Pro or Elite model, but “this Halo Wars offer does not apply to the Red Xbox 360 Elite console which is exclusive to EB games.”

It would seem that this new rumored “Limited Edition” Red console will be exclusive to EB Games (now known as “Game” in the UK and “GameStop” in the US). It will be interesting to see if there is anything in particular that will make this console desirable to consumers beyond just the color. I would have to be something that’s worth more than a free copy of Halo Wars at least.


  1. RedEvil: now the case will match the ring of death! nice!

    lol....I do want one though...

  2. throwingks:
    ^ ha

    I am a no frills kind of guy when it comes to my equipment. It is nice for people to have options though.

  3. Gemini-Phoenix:
    I'm an ALL FRILLS kind of guy, and will only buy a console if it's limited! Although I don't really approve of the colour (It doesn't suit the X360), it would indeed match my PS2. Lol.

    I wonder whether they [Microsoft] are planning to release this outside of New Zealand? It's even better that it's an Elite model and not a standard Arcade or Pro model, as the previous Halo III LE was.

  4. twistedsymphony:
    if I had to guess... it might be a "netflix edition" since Red seems to be their color and probably comes with goodies related to that (big hard drive, ir remote, etc.)

    that's just pure speculation on my part, and a package like that not only makes sense for MS's marketing strategy it also makes sense why they wouldn't include Halo Wars...

    The rumor is that it will be sold world-wide, it just happened to be confirmed in NZ first.

  5. RedEvil:
    damn kiwis and their confirmations!!!! lol

    I dunno, it depends on the price and what it will end up coming with on release day. my 360 is just fine for now lol

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