Lucky GAME Customers Will Receive a nice RE5 Bonus

Resident Evil 5 Chris Redfield 8cm Figurine for GAME Pre Order Customers in the UKGrim_d wrote in to tell us that GAME stores in the UK received a limited number of 8cm (~3 in) Chris Redfield figurines that they will be giving away to certain pre-order customers. The lucky few received the following email:


FREE Chris Redfield Figurine!

We’ve got great news about your Resident Evil 5 preorder!

As the UK’s leading games retailer, we’ve been able to acquire a limited number of Chris Redfield figurines – and as a thank you for preordering with GAME, YOU will be one of the lucky few receiving one!

Your FREE figurine will be despatched in a separate package to your copy of Resident Evil 5, but should arrive on the same day. And don’t forget, by preordering at GAME, you also get double reward points!


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  1. Magical Malik:
    That looks very cheaply made.

  2. twistedsymphony:
    well it's quite small so it's hard to get good detail out of it... it changes with your resolution but consider that the picture on the screen is likely quite a bit larger than the final product. The 3in Assassin's Creed figure that was included with the NTSC LE was also really poorly detailed. The SFIV figurines were also small, they were a little better but I think that was mostly because they were based off of essentially cartoon characters so they didn't have much detail to begin with.

  3. grim_d:
    Originally Posted by Magical Malik View Post
    That looks very cheaply made.
    they could make it out of paper mache if they wanted.

    it's still free

  4. Grizzly:
    it is pretty cheaply made, the box it came in is nice though, nice to keep next to chun li, ryu and c.viper

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