MotoGP 2013 Collector’s Edition Available For Pre-Order In Spain & Italy

Milestone Studios have put together a MotoGP 2013 Collector’s Edition for Spain & Italy. A release in France and the Netherlands is quite possible according to the language flags shown on the outer box.

Moto GP 2013 Collector's Edition

Available for PS3 & Xbox 360 at a price of €149.99 EUR in Spain and €129.98 EUR in Italy it will include the following content:

  • Metal replica of the MotoGP World Championship Trophy (~ 25 cm/ ~ 9.8 inch)
  • “Making Off” – DVD
    • Teaser-Trailer
    • Pre-Order-Trailer
    • Making of Dubbing
    • Making of Motion Capture
    • Interview with Game Director Michele Caletti
    • MotoGP 13-Artwork

Moto GP 2013 Collector's Edition

Pre-orders can be placed at, &

Unfortunately non of the above mentioned online stores ships outside of Spain/Italy so if this is a must-buy for you, you better call in a favor! Be fast – the game is scheduled for release on June 21st, 2013.

Thanks to ce.o member Javius for the heads up!


  1. comaamen86:
    nice post when will i get a trophy for being me!!!!

  2. Vikingo82:
    This CE will come down to 50 in three the last one...

    I can assure you...

  3. Lemur:
    25 cm isn't a very impressive trophy. And that price!

  4. Vikingo82:
    Opened a GB for 75 euros.

    Quite a difference, uh??

    If anyone intetested PM.

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