Australian Climax Edition of SEGA’s Bayonetta even more elaborate!

SEGA Australia have recently announced that they will be bringing an extra-special Limited Edition of their forthcoming Bayonetta to Australian’s & New Zealand’ers in the new year

On the 7th of January 2010, SEGA Australia plan on releasing the elaborate Climax Edition of the game, which will be available for the X360 and PS3 to avid gamers and collector’s only in Australia and New Zealand

The Australian Climax Edition will include a limited custom-built replica of Bayonetta’s iconic gun, the Scarborough Fair, as well as the same goodies as the previously announced European Climax Edition:

    36-Page hardcover artwork book
    Featuring six tracks from the game:

    1. One Of A Kind ~ Hiroshi Yamaguchi
    2. Riders Of The Light ~ Hiroshi Yamaguchi
    3. Battle For The Umbra Throne ~ Rei Kondoh (T’s Music)
    4. Theme Of Bayonetta – Mysterious Destiny ~ Masami Ueda, Nikola Obermann, with vocals by Helena Noguerra
    5. The Old City Of Vigrid ~ Masami Ueda
    6. The Gates Of Hell ~ Masami Ueda

(Images and information courtesy of SEGA Australia)

Bayonetta Climax Edition Playstation 3 [4]

Bayonetta Climax Edition Xbox 360 [PAL]


  1. Maven:
    Managed to get my hands on this one for around £55 pounds & have now seen them fetching up to £120 on eBay. Just letting you know not to fork out that kinda wedge for it. While the replica Scarborough Fair looks good through the glass in your display case,the overall quality of it is somewhat disappointing. It is completely solid, even the trigger & not painted to a great standard.

  2. Skoolstah:
    Sounds like Batman: AA all over again.

  3. twistedsymphony:

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