Not So Special Edition: God of War III

Once again we see special edition content being sold separately, this week it’s the God of War III soundtrack. One of the biggest features of the Ultimate edition in North America as well as the Trilogy Edition in Europe is the fact that the game includes a heavy metal soundtrack by well known bands inspired by and specifically for God of War III.

Not content with having these be exclusive to the buyers paying a premium for the CE releases the Soundtrack is available for purchase right now for about $6. Of course right now you can only buy the 6-track EP which is significantly shorter than the full length album that comes with the CE, but content is content. At least European collectors get their money’s worth with the inclusion of the first two God of War games. Then again the “God of War Collection” hasn’t been released in Europe and I’ve been enjoying my copy here in the US for some time now.

Here’s hoping Pandoras Box is as pretty in person as it looks in the pictures.

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  1. Skoolstah:
    Actually, the GOW Collection has been out here for some while now.

  2. twistedsymphony:
    just the other day I read on kotaku that it wasn't available in Europe?

    I don't see it listed on game, play, or hmv either.

  3. Maven:
    Can't say I've seen it here in Europe either.

  4. Skoolstah:
    That's odd. It was at my local store and at the bigger ones too. Maybe they imported it from the States?

    Anyway, here's a link so you don't think I'm completely bonkers:

  5. twistedsymphony:
    does it have an ESRB rating instead of a PEGI? if so it's probably imported.

  6. Skoolstah:
    Haven't checked, but yeah. It probably is.

  7. paulpeter:
    I would like to say few words about the God of War III is This is a very violent game. It goes without saying that kids should really not be playing it – if you’re a parent, put them to bed first! But it’s violent in such an over the top way that it’s far less disturbing than any title with a pretense of realism. In most instances, God of War III successfully straddles this line, so you’ll be ripping off heads or spilling centaur spleens without a care.

  8. twistedsymphony:
    I think it goes without saying that like most violent games shouldn't be played by kids... or at least it SHOULD go without saying...

  9. Maven:
    I agree, although it was a funny moment when I noticed my son had woken up & was silently hiding behind a cushion on the sofa whilst I was playing Dead Space.

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