The Really Naughty Limited Edition

If you’re into Anime and Video Games you’re probably already well aware of this quite rare game release (at least rare for US gamers). Kotaku already did a video unboxing, and there honestly isn’t much to see (literally physically and figuratively pictorially) so I’ll spare you the details. Images are up on the game page though.

The cover art is apparently too hot for GameStop so if you want to skeeve out to the game box you’ll have to do it here as opposed to in the store. Just don’t get… ice cream… all over your keyboard.

…and yes the titted mouse pad is equal parts cool, creepy, and confusing, just as you’d imagine it would be.

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  1. Steve50013:
    Personally when we first saw the e-mail about this game at gamestop we thought it was a joke...

  2. Skoolstah:
    It's fancier than the EU release on PS3, at least. *Longs for a squishy boobie-mousepad* XD

  3. twistedsymphony:
    the clerk at my gamestop told me they had opened up one of the boxes to put on display... so it really confused me when I read the kotaku article stating that empolyees had been instructed to hide the limited edition from view because of the box-art

    it's pretty hilarious... My wife was cracking up over the artwork and plans on playing the game out of sheer morbid curiosity.

  4. scourdx:
    I am waiting for mine to arrive next week. Damn you Amazon free shipping. I can't wait.

  5. enemyzero:
    Another interesting release that passes us by...

  6. scourdx:
    I got this game couple of days ago. I must say the box art is interesting. However the cardboard box is flimsy. When I received the package from mail, it is already suffer box damage. Grrr....

    Overall I am intrigued with the boobie mousepad. The pillow case is just an icing on the cake. Good job Askys.

  7. twistedsymphony:
    yeah I was disappointed with the flimsy box also. I tried to put the mouse pad and pillow case back in it but it was making the box all misshapen until I put the plastic game case back in it.

    I ended up putting the game disc in a spare case and the original game case back in the box just so I could put it on the shelf and have it hold it's shape.

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