Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition Announced

A few days ago let slip a listing for Collector’s Edition of Dead Space 2. Someone on N4G downloaded the product image before Amazon pulled the listing. Thankfully this is one “rumor” that has been confirmed, as EA has recently announced the Collector’s Edition, at least they have for Europe.

The CE announced for Europe looks identical to the one pulled from the US Amazon store so it’s safe to assume they carry the same stuff. But while the CE will be available for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 the content in the PS3 version is different.

All 3 versions will get the following:

  • Exclusive DLC code for in-game Unitology Suit and Force Gun
  • Dead Space 2 Original Soundtrack on CD with an hour of music compiled from the game’s score.
  • Concept art lithograph depicting Necromorph transformation by Visceral Games artist Brett Marting.

However The Xbox 360 and PC versions will also be getting this:

  • Replica of Isaac’s Plasma Cutter, modeled from the new design from Dead Space 2.

To make up for the lack of replica plasma cutter the PS3 version will be receiving

  • the same HD and move enabled re-release of Dead Space Extraction as the PS3 Limited Edition
  • a DLC code for an in-game Rivit Gun

Personally I’d rather have the replica plasma cutter but the PS3 people will be getting 2 games for the price of one.

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  1. ob1ob:
    Now available for pre-order at GameStop.

    According to the description the PS3 will also get the replica plasma cutter.

  2. Skoolstah:
    Think I'd get the PS3 version anyway, since it has a bit more value for money. Don't see what I should do with a replica of a plasma cutter anyway.

  3. Skoolstah:
    Anyone know which European retailer will carry the CE?

  4. twistedsymphony:
    I just pre-orderd this at Gamestop.

  5. Skoolstah:
    Well, it's kinda yucky to pay $25 for shipping to Iceland.

  6. scourdx:
    Well for some reason this CE is only available in US. Gamestop Canada don't list this yet. We'll wait and see.

  7. giGant:
    Does anyone know, if the X360 US Version is Regionfree?

  8. scourdx:
    Originally Posted by giGant View Post
    Does anyone know, if the X360 US Version is Regionfree?
    Hard to say. I know most of them are.

  9. Mandingo:
    Uh ..., I don't know which version I should get. Which one is likely to be more valuable, the PS3 or Xbox/PC?

  10. twistedsymphony:
    Originally Posted by Mandingo View Post
    Uh ..., I don't know which version I should get. Which one is likely to be more valuable, the PS3 or Xbox/PC?
    with cross platform games and no real difference in the content Xbox seems to hold it's value the best and PC the worst.


    the only exceptions are cases where there are differences between the version, such as Stranglehold, in which the PS3 version included a bluray copy of the movie Hardboiled and the Xbox 360 didn't... hence the PS3 version is worth more.

    Other games like Street Fighter IV where the PS3 had one figurine while the Xbox 360 had a different one... those can vary based on which ever content is deemed more sought after.


    I think it boils down to the fact that more people buy games on the 360 than the PS3 and more people buy games on the PS3 than the PC. so down the road you have more people interested in buying the older 360 games than the older PS3 games and more people interested in buying the older PS3 games than the older PC games.

  11. scourdx:
    Aren't PS3 version getting the Dead Space Extraction along with the game?

  12. Mandingo:
    Yeah. Dead Space Extraction, but no toy.

  13. enemyzero:
    UK collectors are in luck as we are getting plasma cutter goodness (360 only!)

    Imagine my shock, I was just pre ordering my Killzone 3 CE and I saw this. I thought it was a mistake but it all pictured and in the decription so I snapped it up. Not sure how this slipped under the radar??

    Twisted you may need to update the DB with this info?

  14. twistedsymphony:
    the link you posted just redirects me to the HMV home page...

    and what about it is different than the Dead Space 2 CE thats in the database now:

  15. gurpswoo1:
    I clicked on the link and it just goes to the Home page, Are you sure it wasn't the PC version which they do have.

  16. gurpswoo1:
    Ok It looks like HMV did have it but is sold out:

    I looked at the cache history from google.

    The database listing looks the same to me.

  17. twistedsymphony:
    yeah, I don't see how that's any different than the one in the DB

  18. Mandingo:
    I can't see the difference, either. Can you elaborate, enemyzero?

  19. enemyzero:
    Odd that link worked for me. It's no different it's just a pal version and I thought it wasn't listed on the db as being available in our region but it's there. Sorry about the confusion.

    The version I ordered was for the 360, I am surprised it has sold out already.

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