The Last Story Wii Console Bundle for Japan

Mistwalker recently announced 2 special versions of their upcoming Wii RPG “The Last Story”.

for 25800 Yen you can get a Wii Console Bundle with the game and a white Classic Controller Pro. The nicest part of this bundle is easily the nice looking box with the game’s artwork.

Also announced is a Limited Edition for 6800 Yen that includes a Sountrack as well as an art book.

Both are Japan exclusive (at least at the moment) and will be released on January 27th 2011

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  1. gurpswoo1:
    While the only thing special about the console is the Box art. The limited edition game is something I would buy. Even if it's just a soundtrack, there are so few Limited edition Wii game that it will be part of a very small group.

  2. Mandingo:
    That Wii boxart is fabulous. It would've made a great design for a limited edition console.

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