Brink Special Edition, another not so special Edition have listed Brink Special Edition for pre-order. The item description states that the Brink Special Edition includes the following in-game packs:

  • In-game DOOM pack: Bulpdaun SMG skins, Cacodemon body tattoo, two DOOM t-shirts, two DOOM caps
  • In-game Spec Ops pack: Hockler machine pistol, Sloani mask, greeneye scope, dogtag tattoo

According to the website listing, the game is set for release on the 5th of May 2011 for a price of £39.99


  1. evilvort3x:
    Bah. The Usual DLC stuff

  2. Queen of Mudcrabs:
    The art concept for this game is really interesting, but I was hoping for some more... physical items in the special/collector's edition.
    This is just..... *snore*.....

  3. Skoolstah:
    Oh, for fuck's sake! Bloody micro-DLC special editions should be fucking banned. Total waste of time and money.

  4. Gemini-Phoenix:
    I'm with you guys! Why can't they just include this stuff in the game as standard to begin with? What possible use is this stuff to a collector in a few years time? These publishers are so ANTI-COLLECTOR and don't want us to have anything. As soon as they decide to stop supporting the game, this DLC becomes worthless

  5. Anjelaoni:
    Take a look on the other side of the planet:

    Good god in heaven, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy they always get the cool CE's? Time to move my stuff to australia!

    There's the link to pre-order: ZELDA

    I really hope splashdamage will make another CE for europe or UK only, I don't care. I mean, it's not a EA CE's, is it? So come on guys, release something worth my money!

  6. gurpswoo1:
    Another Australian release that is superior to the rest of the PAL regions, I steelbook looks quite nice aswell.

    Thanks for the heads up Anjelaoni.

  7. evilvort3x:
    I think i may get A aussie to get me both shiro and this and send them together

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