Turning Point: Fall of Liberty to get Collector’s Edition

While it’s unclear when or if an official announcement was made, what is clear is that most major game retailers are now listing a Collector’s Edition for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Codemaster’s alternative history WWII era Shooter. While the Game is scheduled for release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC it would seem that the Xbox 360 version is the only one that will be getting the CE Treatment.

Scheduled for release on February 26th this CE seems to be retailing for $65, which is surprising since that’s $5 less than one you’d normally expect to see a CE list for. Unconfirmed but supposedly included with the package is a “steel book” case (similar to Jericho, Perfect Dark Zero, and others), a Making of Game DVD, Sound track as well as an Alternate History Timeline poster and a Concept Art Book.

While Turning Point certainly isn’t the franchise on every gamer’s mind this February for an extra $5 the CE looks well worth a purchase if you were planning on picking this up anyway.

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