Alan Wake gets Collectors Edition for PC

Nordic Games has revealed the insides of the Alan Wake PC Collector’s Edition and Standard Edition.

Contents of the Standard Edition:

– Premium packagin:
– Disc 1: Main Game plus both DLCs – “The Signal” and “The Writer”
– Disc 2: Soundtrack (13 Tracks)
– 6 Postcards
– Manual
– Poster
– 7 Stickers

And now for the Collector’s Edition you will get:

– Premium packagin:
– Disc 1: Main Game plus both DLCs – “The Signal” and “The Writer” and some audio
commentary and background informations
– Disc 2: Soundtrack (13 Tracks)
– Disc 3: Bonus Disc, Making of and Storyboard
– The “Alan Wake Files”, a book of 144 pages from author Clay Steward
– 6 Postcards
– Manual
– Poster
– 7 Stickers

No pictures jet.

Platform: PC only, XBOX 360 was published in 2010
Release: 2nd March 2012
Price: $ 35.00


  1. foreverflash:
    What's the source for this information Anje? There's no link. Also, where can you preorder this? Thanks!

    Nevermind, I found it.

  2. Madigan:


  3. BallisticCrux:
    Items are up for Pre-Order over on

    Standard - £26.60

    Limited - £30.80

    According to nordic games the should have it in stock as well but they haven't listed it as of yet.

  4. ro4eva:
    Bah - and I thought my 360 CE was "complete."

  5. gurpswoo1:
    I wonder if they will learn from the mistakes of the Xbox version and release in much lower numbers.

  6. Matrix6:
    For UK and Worldwide purchase:
    Alan Wake Collector's Edition

    Alan Wake Special Edition

    Australia/NZ only:
    Collector's Edition - $36.99
    Special Edition - $31.99

    Not sure if I should bother with this, I'd prefer to play it on the Xbox [bigger screen] as I've never played it. I should get the 'Classics' version when it is released sometime in the future.

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