Final Fantasy Type-0 Collector’s Edition PSP Japan

July 21st, 2011 gurpswoo1

Square-Enix has announced that there will be a Collector’s Edition for Final Fantasy Type-0 for Japan. It contains the following:

  • Special Packaging
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 Official Sound Track
  • Postcard book
  • Bonus video DVD
It will retail for 12,700 JPY when releases on the 13th of September 2011 and is exclusive to Square-Enix E-Store.  However it can also be pre-ordered from Japan exportors suchs as Play-Asia.
Pre-order at Square-Enix E-Store

Pre-order at Play-Asia

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Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus Collectors Edition Pre-orders open

April 10th, 2011 gurpswoo1

Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus is headed to Europe, courtesy of Zen United, and they’re giving it a grand treatment on all three platforms (Wii, PlayStation 2, PSP) in the form of a collector’s edition.

Here’s what the collector’s edition will include:

  • A choice between Guilty Gear: 10th Memorial Artbook or the limited edition,Guilty Gear: Lost Archives art book, exclusive to this collection.
  • Limited Edition Antique Silver Guilty Gear keychain.
  • Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus Official Soundtrack.
  • Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus T-Shirt.
  • Packaged inside a beautiful presentation box
  • Additionally, each collector’s edition comes with 1 of 200 limited edition Giclee prints of Guilty Gear’s A.B.A, numbered and printed on Hahnmemuhle paper.


You can grab the collector’s edition from Zen United’s online store. Pre-orders are open and they ship internationally if you’re keen on importing. The game releases on May 6th.

Database entry: Here

A big thanks to Mandingo for finding the info

Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus

Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus Collector's Edition


Persona 3 Portable Release Date Announced

April 1st, 2011 Michael Pica

Ghostlight has announced the official release date for Persona 3 Portable Collector’s Edition, April 29th 2011

At a price of £ 39.99 and only being sold in PAL territories, the Collectors Edition was previously revealed to include the following:

  • Collector’s Edition Slipcase
  • Collector’s Edition Inlay
  • 48 Page Hardback Art Book
  • 6 Artcards
  • A3 Poster

Also if pre-orderd from the official online store a limited and exclusive t-shirt is included with the game.