Catherine (Alternative Cover)

Platform: Playstation 3 Edition: (Alternative Cover) Format: 1
Published by Atlus
Released in United States on Jul 26, 2011 at a price of $69.99


The Alternative Cover version of Catherine is exactly the same as the regular version of the game but comes with an alternative front art cover.

The original release is the same as the Japan cover, which shows an image of Vincent sliding down Catherine’s bra. The alternative version has an zoomed in image of Catherine’s Face.


The Alternative Cover version came about as certain retailers were uncomfortable with the original Japanese art and wanted a cover to cater to more sensitive buyers.


Aram Jabbari the Sales & PR Manager at Atlus, stated that the vast majority of copies would be the original Japan release and only a small percentage will feature the cover that is more considerate of certain retailers. This alternative version is only available in the USA NTSC region.


Pre-order Bonus:
If you pre-order the game, you received a free Sound Disc & Art Book


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  2. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Kotaku reports that North America is due something special for the release of Catherine, which rivals Record Of Agarest War's Really Naughty Limited Edition:

    Catherine Deluxe Edition!5797715/catherin...-box/gallery/1

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    ***Added Catherine (Alternative Cover version) USA PS3***
    ***Added Catherine (Alternative Cover version) USA Xbox 360***

  4. Knoell:
    So does anyone think this "toned down" cover may end up being more valuable than the regular one?

  5. gurpswoo1:
    I also think the alternative version will be considerably rarer than the original Japan cover.

  6. twistedsymphony:
    *** Added photos for the Love is Over Deluxe Edition ***

  7. Legendhawk:
    Full Game Name: Catherine - Stray Sheep Edition
    Edition Name: Stray Sheep Edition
    Platform(s): PS3 , XBOX 360
    Region(s): PAL
    Publisher: Deep Silver
    Release Date: 10.02.12
    Price (RRP): 600 NOK , Around 100 USD
    Package Description: Cardboard Box W / Content
    Content Description: T-shirt , poster , Coffee Cup Stands , Game, pizza box

    Here is my Catherine - Stray Sheep Edition UNBOXING !
    This nice and hope you like it .

    Contains :
    - T-shirt
    - poster
    - Coffee Cup Stands
    - Game
    - Pizza Box

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    **Added Catherine Stray sheep edition UK, Germany, Euro and Australia PS3**
    **Added Catherine Stray sheep edition UK, Germany, Euro and Australia X360**

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    Thanks Legendhawk, added to database.

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