F.3.A.R. Collector's Edition

Platform: Playstation 3 Edition: Collector's Edition Format: 2
Published by Warner Bros. Interactive
Released in Germany on Jun 24, 2011
Released in Europe on Jun 24, 2011

The Collector’s Edition of F.E.A.R. 3 comes in a SteelBook case and include the following:

  • A 18 cm glow in the dark figurine of Alma
  • An exclusive F.E.A.R 3 comic produced by DC
  • An unlockable in-game handgun known as the Hammer

News About this Collector's Edition:


  1. Gemini-Phoenix:
    According to CVG:

    Originally Posted by CVG
    The F.E.A.R. 3 YouTube channel has outed the Collector's Edition of the game.

    The CE will feature a SteelBook case, an in-game gun, a comic and a pregnant Alma figurine, according to Joystiq. Because everyone needs one of those.

    Yesterday, publisher Warner confirmed that F.E.A.R. 3's release had slipped from March to May 2011.

    It has also been announced on the official UK* F.E.A.R. 3 blog page:


    At time of writing, this is just an announcement and is currently not available for pre-order

    * Other regional PAL variants are also available, and they have respective video's for other European countries on their official F.E.A.R. 3 YouTube channel

  2. Mandingo:
    Man, what is that figurine all about? Creepy, dude!

  3. Anjelaoni:


    17.8 cm / 7 inch collector figure alma (glows in the dark)
    exclusive F.E.A.R. 3 Comic from DC
    exclusive metall case
    exclusive ingame weapon called "The Hammer"

  4. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Hmm, Now why couldn't I embed that YouTube video?

    Also, how come the forum won't let me enter the thread title in capital letters? Eg, Intead of F.E.A.R. 3 CE (PAL), it changed it to F.e.a.r. ce (pal)

    Something definitely wrong there!

  5. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Originally Posted by Anjelaoni View Post
    Wow, that picture is a great find! Good work there!

    The image states that it is pre-orderable from GAME, so I am thinking that this may be an exclusive to GAME. Looking at the GAME site now, it's not currently up, therefore I have left GAME the following question via Twitter to try and find out some more information:

    Originally Posted by Gemini-Phoenix via Twitter
    @Gamedigital - Will the F.E.A.R. 3 (F.3.A.R) Collector's Edition be a GAME exclusive, & when will it be available to pre-order on the site?
    Hopefully they'll reply with a suitable answer

  6. Anjelaoni:
    I hope GAME is not the only Store selling the CE.

    A picture from the comic

    the figure

  7. gurpswoo1:
    That's figure is so freaky

    If you had this on display in your house, I think people would call the police.

    However I think this could actully make this one of the most unique collector's edition out there. Some really good content and art work aswell.

    Nice Find.

  8. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Glow in the dark! Nice!

    And a SteelBook make this all the more appealing, although I must say I am getting fed up of figures, and these sorts of CE take up a lot of shelf space. How much space do these people think us collector's have in our homes?

  9. gurpswoo1:
    and these sorts of CE take up a lot of shelf space
    Tell me about it, space is a premium for me. Ran out of space in my dislau cabinet so quickly.

    How much space do these people think us collector's have in our homes?
    We all live in mansion with a own dedicated underground storage with filtered air and 24 hour security.

  10. Mandingo:
    We all live in mansion with a own dedicated underground storage with filtered air and 24 hour security.
    I just fell out of my chair laughing.

  11. PrestonLad:
    Where can I order the Collector's Edition from?

    Sorry, forgot to say I live in the UK.

  12. gurpswoo1:
    We are still awaiting the UK Pre-order for this.

    Where about are you located, some regions have the pre-order up.

  13. ob1ob:
    Where is this available besides http://www.boostep.com/advanced_sear...cat=1&x=16&y=6?I've never heard of that site and am unsure of their reliability. Anyone here heard of or ordered from them before?

    edit: I preordered for pc for $85.72 shipped. Hopefully they have good service and package items securely. Console versions are about $11 more.

  14. Gemini-Phoenix:
    There's a rumour going around on the SteelBook site that GAME.fr have an exclusive SteelBook for F.E.A.R. 3. I've visited the GAME.fr site, and can't seem to see any listings for this, however, the URL for the following picture links to the GAME.fr intranet:


    Not sure if this is a pre-order bonus, or whether this is a scrapped edition which is no longer being made available, but it's interesting all the same

  15. gurpswoo1:
    We can hope, If it's real we should get news of this in the coming weeks.

  16. Mike1888:
    A third FS exclusive steelbook. This time for FEAR 3. To get it, its the same as last time where you add the game to your cart and the steelbook is added automatically, free of charge.


  17. mosavon:
    not as nice as the last two especially MK but still good that you are getting these, definitely want an MK and DN in the future

  18. Mike1888:
    Yeah the picture makes it look bad...Doesn't really look like a steelbook.

    Guarantee it will look muuch better in person though, I've already preordered

  19. gurpswoo1:
    Nice find, Is it me or does it have a Starwars look to the front cover.

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