Forza Horizon Limited Collector's Edition

Platform: Xbox 360
Edition: Limited Collector's Edition
Format: NTSC
Published by Microsoft Game Studios
Released in United States on Oct 23, 2012 at a price of $79.99

The Limited Collector’s Edition of Forza Horizon comes in a SteelBook case with a plastic slip cover and includes the following DLC:

  • VIP Membership
  • VIP Car Pack
  • Day 1 Add-on Pack
  • Horizon Accelerator Token Pack
  • 5 Additional Car Pack Liveries


Photos contributed by: Twistedsymphony

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  1. dividedbyn1ght:
    Full Game Name: Forza Horizon
    Edition Name: Forza Horizon Limited Collector's Edition
    Platform(s): Xbox 360
    Region(s): NA, EU
    Publisher: Microsoft
    Release Date: NA- 10/23/2012 EU- 10/26/2012
    Price (RRP): $79.99
    Bar Code: (if known)
    Package Description: Where Cars Belong! Celebrate speed, music, and style at the Horizon Festival! From the makers of the highest-rated racing franchise of this generation, Forza Horizon combines legendary Forza authenticity with the freedom of the open road.
    • Celebrate speed, music, and style. Cruise with your friends, crush your rivals, and claim the top spot at the Horizon Festival.
    • Drive, race, and drift the cars of your dreams! Legendary Forza physics meets the world's best driving roads, with action around every turn.
    • Kick up some dirt or lay down some rubber - the open roads of Colorado are your personal automotive playground.
    Content Description:
    • Custom Designed Steelbook containing game disc and Horizon Festival Ticket to access Xbox LIVE content which includes:
    • Day One Add-on Pack (5-car pack*)
    • VIP Membership (5-car pack* and VIP privileges)
    • Horizon Accelerator Token Pack - Giving player instant access to new cars, map unlocks, fast travel, and popularity spikes.
    • Exclusive LCE Car Liveries (5-car pack*)
    • *specific cars to be announced at a later date

    Link(s) to source(s): Forza Preorder

    Other Info/Pics:

  2. Cosmic_Link:
    It's a bit expensive for just a steelbook edition imo... Where's the artbook Turn 10?

    No doubt there will be a shit load of retailer exclusive car DLC's too as pre-order bonuses...?

  3. dividedbyn1ght:
    There it's fixed. If you want the preorders broken down: Forza Horizon Preorder
    It explains what car you can get when reserving from a certain retailer.

  4. Cosmic_Link:
    Still haven't said which retailers are getting which pre-order in the UK. Only the Merc is worth getting though... Also, gonna refrain from going mad on pre-order goodies for this as it appears all the pre-order items will most likely be released with the GOTY like the Forza 4 one...

  5. Blai:
    This edition is not present in the games DB in the XBOX 360 PAL/Europe section, someone please add it

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