Metro 2033 Collector's Edition (Russian)

Platform: PC Edition: Collector's Edition (Russian) Format: DVD-ROM
Published by Akella
Released in Russia on Mar 19, 2010

The Russian Collector’s Edition of Metro 2033 comes in a cardboard box and includes the following content:

  • DVD with special content
  • Metro 2033 branded watch
  • Map of the metro stations from the game

Metro 2033 Collector's Edition (Russian) 01



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  1. NikeFerrari:
    What about this one?

  2. twistedsymphony:

  3. Suits:
    Yeah, I have this, pretty lame to be honest.

  4. comaamen86:
    polish edition added to db

    edit found price

  5. farfarnorth:
    Russian CE

    -Retal box
    -DVD game
    -User manual
    -Map of postapocalyptic Moscow metro
    -Watches with logo

    not available for a long time

  6. comaamen86:

    ze german unboxing

  7. Platfus:
    *** Metro 2033 Collector's Edition (Russian) (PC) [DVD-ROM] added to the Database ***

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