The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Collector's Edition

Platform: PC Edition: Collector's Edition Format: DVD-ROM
Released in United States on May 17, 2011 at a price of $129.99
Released in United Kingdom on May 17, 2011 at a price of £79.99

The Collector’s Edition of The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings comes in a large premium box and includes the following content:

  • A 195-page art book.
  • The Witcher 2 stickers.
  • 2 paper craft dolls: a Geralt and one random character.
  • 1 big paper craft doll: a Draug.
  • A world map.
  • A making of DVD.
  • The original soundtrack.
  • A pamphlet and coin.
  • A detailed bust of Geralt’s head.
  • A “How to Play Cards and Dice” manual.
  • The Witcher 2 playing cards.
  • In-game based poker dice (5 pcs.) together with a handy bag.
  • One Temerian Oren, a fine example of King Foltest’s currency.
  • DLC “Roche Commando Jacket” – one of the best character customization items to be found in-game. Exclusively for Collector’s Edition.
Many Collector’s Editions came with the Geralt bust damaged.  CD Projekt offered replacements for people who ended up with broken or damaged busts.  In addition to a new bust, they included a replica Witcher medallion similar to the one offered in the Polish Witcher 1 Limited Edition.
Pre-Order Bonus:
Gamestop offered the following pre-order bonuses:
  • DLC “Mysterious Merchant Pack”.
  • Limited Edition The Witcher Comics.

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    Enhanced Edition:

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  2. Pielord:
    awesome find! been waiting for this

  3. jugolicious:
    WOW @ the box art for Dark Edition

  4. hawkeye:
    Times like these I wish I had an Xbox

  5. gurpswoo1:
    This is looking very nice, why is it only USA and France that are getting it.

  6. Neilikki:
    Wow, this is looking cool!
    Normally, i hate buying games locally, when they are localized, but I just made an exception, since they sell it here for less than £45 PLUS the first 1000 copies are numbered! W00t. They are supposed to inform us of the numbers tomorrow, I wonder which number did I get.
    Here is hoping the game has double audio :V

  7. lhurgoyf:
    Already have the PC edition but... that Dark Edition...

  8. Johnny:
    Im so pre ordering this.

  9. vhal_x:
    I preordered the Dark Edition xx

  10. gurpswoo1:
    I'm confused, where are you pre-ordering this in the UK.

    Also I see no mention of a numbered release

  11. vhal_x:
    I got it preordered from - they ship to UK xx

  12. gurpswoo1:
    Ah I see, In that case I will wait for UK site to get pre-orders . Unless it is a French exclusive.

  13. vhal_x:
    I preordered just to be on the safe side, if a UK retailer gets it I'll cancel my French order and order from the UK

    It works out to around (just under) £75 with shipping from xx

  14. Matrix6:
    Surely the Dark Edition will be available exclusively at EB for Australia

  15. vhal_x:
    Zavvi are currently in talks with the manufacturer about getting the Dark Edition xx

  16. Johnny:
    I hope that happens, because i dont want to order a french edition with everything in French.

  17. Neilikki:
    Originally Posted by gurpswoo1 View Post
    I'm confused, where are you pre-ordering this in the UK.

    Also I see no mention of a numbered release
    It says here that the whole edition is numbered and that the first 1000 goes to the people that ordered it at, in accordance to the order time (so the first person who pre-ordered gets number #1 etc), and that the rest of the copies (after the first 1000) are going to be spread randomly.
    The number was supposed to be shown in your order details from today, but they changed it to Feb 1st now.
    It's true that there is no mention about numbering on the international site, though. I don't know why.
    What also isn't mentioned on that site (and is at is that the big box with wolf's head is actually supposed to be something like lenticular (I'm not sure exactly, but they use the word "relief")

    Also, I definitely wouldn't worry about it being exclusive to anyone.

    I hope that happens, because i dont want to order a french edition with everything in French.
    Not gonna happen as I said, also the French version will get at least English audio and a bunch of subtitles.

    EDIT (I mean, it being exclusive in France is not gonna happen, sorry, I'm being confusing :< )

  18. AmericanBash:
    I am going to predorder mine today

  19. Matrix6:
    I hope the Dark Edition isn't exclusive to Gamestop in the US

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