Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception (Faceplate Edition)

Platform: Playstation 3
Edition: (Faceplate Edition) Format: 3
Published by Sony Computer Entertainment
Released in Asia on Nov 02, 2011

The Faceplate Edition of Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception comes packaged in a cardboard box and contains the following content:

  • Uncharted Themed PS3 Faceplate
  • SteelBook
  • Downloadable Content
    • Carpet Bomb Kickback
    • Creepy Crawler Kickback
    • Regeneration Booster

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Uncharted franchise.


  1. Gemini-Phoenix:
    According to a ShopTo blog post, Uncharted 3 has been confirmed to be receiving some kind of a CE, however, no region has yet been confirmed, nor has the contents


    Best keep our eyes open for this when it hits!

  2. john385:
    whow... I hope they release some awesome CE/LE.
    P.S. we can expect Uncharted 3: Desert Hunter Edition. 10 copies in the World. 10,000USD each. #sarcasm

  3. evilvort3x:
    LOL...... i will get 2 copies of this for sure

  4. gurpswoo1:
    Likely the same as the last one with a steelbook and DLC codes. I wouldn't get my hopes up.

  5. Drakan:
    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Collector's Edition

  6. Vicarocha:
    I've no permission to post in the "C.E. news"-forum, so I'll post it here (I hope it is OK):

  7. bbki:
    Awesome news Thanks
    Hope sony don't go and make another damn fortune hunter edition again

  8. Drakan:
    Ha! Beat you to it!


  9. gurpswoo1:
    Nice find

    Thanks for the heads up, will add to database soon. I see there are two open discussions, Twisted will you be able to merge these into one.

  10. Mike1888:
    Looks great!

    I love statues, and slideshow makes great ones. I can't wait!

  11. Drakan:
    You're welcome.

  12. mosavon:
    Awesome, ill get both of those

  13. mosavon:
    Yeah thanks Drake

  14. Gemini-Phoenix:
    I've merged all three topics for the recently announced Uncharted 3 CE for North America, so apolagies if the chronological order of posts doesn't make much sense

    Here is also the official Sony announcement from their official blog:


    No word yet on whether this, or any other edition, are coming to the UK and Europe

  15. gurpswoo1:
    Yeah I think both Drakan and Vicarocha mentioned it.

    It's http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2011/...lorer-edition/

    Euro getting the same contents as the US version and possibly more.

  16. Rashmeet:
    But is the Steelbook confirmed for EU regions ? It says Explorer edition has same stuff as US CE plus the EU Special Edition which doesn't look like a Steelbook and is kind of a bummer to me . Will have to buy both.

  17. GHOST:
    i havent got a ps3 but i would almost buy this edition.

  18. SquirrelRaper:

    Looks like there's another variation of the Uncharted Explorer edition CE!

  19. jugolicious:
    Anyone lives in Italy and willing to help? :o

    Italian BBV offering a steelbook for the pre-order of Uncharted 3, maybe 9.99 EUROES

    maybe this one?

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