Wii U Monster Hunter 3 Tri G HD ver announced for Japan

Following the launch details for the Wii U a special Monster Hunter bundle has been announced for Japan.

Wii U Monster Hunter 3 Tri G HD ver Japanese bundle

Released on the same day (December 8th)  as the Basic and Premium bundles the Monster Hunter bundle will cost 38,850 Yen and include the Premium bundle along with a Wii U Pro controller in black along with a copy of Monster Hunter 3 Tri G HD version.


  1. Twisted:
    Is WII U region locked or region free?..any confirmation on that end?

  2. twistedsymphony:
    I don't think there has been any confirmation one way or the other yet, although I'd be willing to bet that it is Region Locked... Nintendo has always been quite restrictive in that regard, they've never made a region free console in the past, why would they start now?

  3. Deubeuliou:
    The DS was region free.

    It's the only one I think.

  4. NaughtyDogJames:
    Only the DS and DS lite were.

  5. vhal_x:
    Isn't the DSi/DSiXL region free too? xx

  6. NaughtyDogJames:
    Not as far I know, I tried an US copy of Mario Bros in my XL a while back and I don't think it worked, don't have a DSi or a XL now tho to try it now.

  7. NaughtyDogJames:
    Ok done some googling and it seems some newer games, DSi enhanced and DSi ware is locked.

  8. geralds:
    Originally Posted by vhal_x View Post
    Isn't the DSi/DSiXL region free too? xx
    Yes and no. The only games that are even region locked on the DSI or the DSIXL are dsi enhanced games. Examples of some are like pokemon black and white. Games that are dsi enhanced will still play on any ds or dslight but they can only play on the same region of dsi, dsixl, 3ds, or 3dsxl. All of the downloads are also region locked. Any non DSI Enhanced game is even region free on a 3ds.

  9. NaughtyDogJames:
    Apparently TWL coded games (some Japanese game I think) are region coded aswell.

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