More Heavy Rain Delays

Those who pre-ordered their Heavy Rain CE though HMV might want to hold off on redeaming their bonus content codes though the Playstation Store. Maven on our forums reported receiving this email:

Thanks for pre-ordering Heavy Rain Special Edition.

Sony have reported to us that there has unfortunately been a last-minute technical delay to the Heavy Rain official soundtrack, meaning that customers who have purchased the Heavy Rain Special Edition will not be able to download the Soundtrack until 4th March 2010. Sony recommend that you wait until this date to redeem your Special Edition voucher code which is in the game box – you’ll then receive all the Special Edition content in one batch.

However, if you choose to redeem your voucher code immediately for the other downloadable content, you won’t be able to receive the official soundtrack nor will you be able to use the same code to redeem the soundtrack on 4th March 2010. Therefore, you’ll need the following code to enable you to download the soundtrack from 4th March 2010.

So there you have it, if you use the code before March 4th you’ll miss out on some of the content, they’re not really clear on what method of recourse you have if you’ve already used your code. If you’re one of the people who already used the code and missed out let us know.

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