Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 PS3 Exlusive CE

EA recently announced a PS3 exclusive Collector’s Edition release of the upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. Due for release on March 12th, 2011 the Collector’s Edition will cost $69.99, $10 more than the standard edition. So far the only additional content announced for the CE are 5 extra “exclusive” golf courses.

The standard edition will be available on the Xbox 360 and Wii as well as the PS3, which will have support for Move. Those who pre-order though GameStop will also receive a DLC code for another exclusive golf course, Bethpage Black.

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  1. Mandingo:
    Hm.. Not so impressive. I wonder how sales of Tiger 2012 will be due to his cheating scandal.

  2. twistedsymphony:
    I'd be willing to bet most people wont even consider his scandal when buying this.

  3. gurpswoo1:
    What a surprise, another EA Collector's release with just DLC codes.

  4. Mandingo:
    So far the only additional content announced for the CE are 5 extra "exclusive" golf courses.
    I hope special packaging gets announced. An extra $10 for just 5 golf courses is absurd.

  5. twistedsymphony:
    The picture posted IS the CE packaging... the standard edition looks completely different.

  6. Mandingo:
    Ah, I see. So there is nothing truly 'collectible' about this supposed CE, since the pic posted is of a standard blu-ray case.. I declare calling this a 'collector's edition' to be a misnomer.

  7. scourdx:
    When it comes to CE, EA is bad at it. Why not put in extra effort and make it really nice to have instead of making user pay $10 for bunch of code. I would really buy the game if it does have an ability to beatup your spouse.

  8. Mandingo:
    Eh, from what I am now understanding, die-hard golf fans are OK with this collector's edition, as the DLC included would've been bought them anyway. In fact, the DLC included in this PS3 'exclusive' will be available on Xbox Live for $10,

    The only reason the 360 isn't getting a 'collectors edition' is because EA doesn't like to do multiple disc games, and the extra DLC included with the PS3 version can easily fit on a blu-ray, but not so much on a standard DVD, which is what the Xbox uses exclusively. But I still stand by my previous statement in saying that EA should've called this something other than a 'collectors edition'. Kind of misleading, if you ask me.

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