Gears of War 3 Epic Edition & Limited Edition possibly canceled in parts of Europe

All we know is that the Epic Edition & Limited Edition is going to come to Europe but things have changed.

First, in the UK the Epic Edition is now exclusive to GAME & Gamestation.
Second, Germany & Austria are not getting the Epic Edition as well as the Limited Edition.
It is currently unknown how other countries in Europe are going to be affected by this but I suggest checking that your order is safe.

The Special Edition for Germany and Austria is limited to 500 copies and will include the following:

  • Red colored Wooden Box
  • COG Tag chain
  • Steelbook with Gears 3 writing
  • Marcus Fenix figure, 15 cm (about 6″)

It appears that the Special Edition will be exclusive to 3 online retailers, according to a Newsletter pre-orders will be available at July 31st. One of the retailers is “Zockerrampe” from Germany. The others are probably from Austria and will apparently cost € 140

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  1. Atter:
    Thanks for the info!

    I doubt it'll be a real Steelbook but i've preordered it to make sure i'll have it.
    If it'll turn out that it's not a Steelbook i'll cancel my order.

    And it looks the same as the ACME Edition for me except the Steelbook.

  2. gurpswoo1:
    Atter which store did you order it from?

    So this is not the Limited ACME Edition which has the same contents except the steelbook.

  3. Atter:
    Originally Posted by gurpswoo1 View Post
    Atter which store did you order it from?

  4. Ayiu:
    The picture is only a concept art and not final. This concept art looks like the one from ACME but is only available in Red and will include a Steelbook.

  5. Ryaku:
    for conclude, the limited edition german (500 ex ) is available on ?

    why it will be only available for pre order on 31th July ?

    and why it's more expensive that Epic edition ?


  6. Ayiu:
    Originally Posted by Ryaku View Post
    for conclude, the limited edition german (500 ex ) is available on ?

    why it will be only available for pre order on 31th July ?

    and why it's more expensive that Epic edition ?

    Zockerrampe is only one of 3 retailers selling this Edition. The other is and another Shop from Austria which is still not known.

    Zockerrampe was taking pre-orders for the Austrian Epic Edition because it's uncut and the price was 139.99€. that's why the new Edition will also cost 139.99€.

    The Edition will come with an Austrian copy that is uncut. (You guys know, German games tend to be obviously cut)

  7. Ryaku:
    Thanks, but what version is the most complete and more limited?

  8. Vicarocha:
    Austria will get the Epic Edition, it is just; you can preorder it at the local stores (since this week iirc) - the Xbox AT-team has confirmed this on their official facebook-site.

    The Ltd. and the Epic Edt. won't be released in Germany and the Benelux, but (e.g.) in France. In France it is (; a shop, that doesn't send anything to locations outside French territory... buuut this is, where I'll get my copy from. I live in Germany, but the relatives of a friend's girlfriend live in France and will send me a copy (I hope the DLC will still work).

    Actually I've never had such trouble ordering a Collector's Edition before, a real torture... this shop-exkl. deals (e.g. pre-order DLCs, editions, gimmicks) are one of the most terrible developments in the industry today...
    ......... not to mention the general problems of DLCs, online/MP passes, DRM etc..

  9. Ryaku:
    i understand.
    epic edt. will be not released in germany and austria (gamestop excl.)

    but the special edition has really very limited content? because lot of people want epic edt and not this special edt. ?

    whereas special edt. is more limited than epic edt..

  10. Atter:
    Available in Switzerland too, called Marcus Fenix Edition

    And a employee told this:
    This price is not yet final because the production costs are not fixed yet. We hope that the price will go down, but we can not garantee anything.

    The Epic Edition will not release in Europe, this edition (Marcus Fenix ​​Edition) is a special edition that it will be available only in Europe.
    So maybe it'll pop up in more countries?!
    And i don't understand this mess about the Epic and Limited Edition in Germany/Europe...

  11. Ryaku:
    Many shops with Marcus Fenix edition, are you sur is limited to 500 ex ?

  12. Atter:
    So this edition is called these names ATM:
    Special Edition, Marcus Fenix Edition, Wooden Box Edition

    Wooden box edition

  13. Ryaku:
    for Conclude, is not very limited....

  14. Atter:
    If it'll be a real Steelbook, then there would be 8000 or 4000 produced. I don't remember correctly, but AFAIK for a DVD sized Steelbook the minimum order quantity is 8000 pieces...

  15. Ryaku:
    yep, then on news you can delete 500 copies, this informations is not good

  16. Ayiu:
    I will delete the 500. But it's still very confusing...Maybe the Edition is limited to 500 to one of these shops.

  17. Ryaku:
    We'll waiting 31th july from

    But i doubt that contents will be different and justify limited 500 copies....

    i send mail to but no answer...

  18. Ryaku:
    I have receive an email from


    Marcus Fenix Edition limited to 500 pieces

    The price is higher due to the limited

    No deliveries to france

    kind regards

  19. Ayiu:
    I'm still not sure if the whole production is limited to 500 or only 500 per shop.

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