Final Fantasy XIII-2: Three versions confirmed

Namco Bandai, in association with Square-Enix, confirmed at EB Expo over the weekend that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will indeed come in more than one edition.

The news was delivered during a live playthrough demonstration on the EB Expo Arena stage. Namco Bandai confirmed later that you will be able to select of either a standard edition, a limited edition or a big-boy special edition. No details have been revealed on what the limited and special editions will contain, but Square Enix is set to reveal all this coming week.

Stay tuned for pictures coming soon. Thank you Esperino for the information! :-)



  1. scottcross:
    Will be very interested to see what the top of the range special edition will have to offer, cant wait for more news

  2. Solemn_In_Berlin:
    I'd be surprised if it doesn't come with a Mog toy, kupo. XIII was missing the Moogles and in here, they pair one up with Serah. So I think a Mog bobblehead/toy/plushie is a given, kupo. I'd also appreciate an artbook. This time, built like the ethereal Complete Official Guide.

  3. scottcross:
    Well think this one is a dead cert for me to pre-order anyway

  4. Neilikki:
    OH God YES. I'm taking all of them.
    Being Final Fantasy junkie is suffering..

  5. gurpswoo1:
    I'm hoping it is a proper limited release, FF XIII Collector's edition was manufactured in the thousands.

  6. Neilikki:
    Well, I just hope it's a proper collector's edition release. Because a booklet with game screenshots, a demo of the soundtrack, and some stickers definitely don't make up one.
    I hope for some cool figurine and/or translated novels.

  7. Ryu Kazama:
    Here's some details for UK

  8. gurpswoo1:
    Nice find - Steelbook for pre-ordering, can't wait for this.

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