Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition

Yoshinoro Ono revealed at the Comic Con in New York the Special Edition for Street Fighter X Tekken.

Included in the Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition:

  • Street Fighter X Tekken Game
  • Build-It-Yourself Arcade Cabinet Bank (approximately 5”H)
  • Exclusive Prequel Comic Book by UDON
  • 36 Gems: Includes All Pre-Order Packs Plus An Exclusive Pack
  • Pre-Order Bonus: Nine Exclusive Gems Only Available For Pre-Ordering Special Edition
  • Total of 45 Gems When You Pre-Order


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  1. gurpswoo1:
    Nice - Is this going to be a PS3 exclusive, I though Tekken was PlayStation only.

  2. Ryu Kazama:
    ^ PS3 and 360. PC also sometime in the future (a few months at the latest,I imagine).

    Tekken 6 was also on the 360.

  3. TheDeath:
    This is awesome, i've always hope for a mini cab in this kind of games, finally they thinked about it!!
    Just a thing worries me... "build it your self"... Please don't tell me it's made of cardboard..or worst, paper..give us at least solid plastic to work with.. why they couldn't put it ready on the go? What's about? Space problems? Did they know about nano edition, hellghast edition or skyrim collector's?

  4. Kristallnacht:
    Wow..this looks absolutely awesome.

    two of my most favourite arcade games in an one on one edition

    Would definitely be getting this

  5. Rashmeet:
    The game is also coming on PSViTA , let's see if it'll be one of the first CEs for it or not

  6. surfdude73:
    any idea where you can pre order from

  7. Twisted:
    i'm sorry i can't find the TEKKIN HYBRID EXTREME BUNDLE post..but i had ordered it some months ago i believe, and my order went to "processing" immediately, and clubnamco told me there's NOTHING they can do to offer me a refund and there are NO returns, ..i can only refuse delivery..(that is if i am home and not at work)..and THE BIGGEST FRAUD IS THAT THIS SO CALLED EXCLUSIVE EXTREME BUNDLE, NOW IS AVAILABLE IN SEPARATE PIECES...if you go to they have "unbundled" the "extreme" edition, therefore this "edition" no longer exists..i FEEL CHEATED!!!!!!..and RIPPED OFF!!!!..and the game has NOT even been released.

  8. joynulk:
    Paid for it on CC?

    Just call up issuer and say the product has not been delivered and never will be and they should claim all funds back.

  9. SquirrelRaper:

    Looks like Japan is getting their own edition.

  10. Twisted:
    for once, it looks like the american version will be better packaged overall then the japan version.

  11. Ryu Kazama:
    Prefer Japan's bundle. The silver SE cover on US is nice though but otherwise meh.

    And dammit! Didn't know amiami would be getting it. Hopefully they'll get more stock. Don't want to pay YesAsia's price.

  12. sleepwalker:
    PS3 Version is the Ultimate edition for this game, haha, this is pure win.

    Megaman, Pacman, Kuro & Toro and Cole from Infamous.

  13. Twisted:
    that pac-man's tight =)

  14. Gameshark:
    The Japan version is what to invest on

  15. RyuShinEX:
    what are the gems for?

  16. Ryu Kazama:
    In game power ups. The game uses a Gem System. There's over 100 in total with different effects and different conditions to meet in battle to activate them. So you can equip a low level Attack booster, or the like. Basically, noone really likes it but they've still implemented it and we, the ever loving Capcom fighter fans will still buy it. And the inevitable DLC/Disc upgrade in 9 months time.

  17. bigg_k:

    i saw this at game in UK

    heres a link for ps3 version fighter x tekken

  18. kennyrh:
    Actually I'm having second thoughts about my pre-order for this. It doesn't look much for the price and that money box thing won't be robust if you have to construct it yourself. What else is in there ??

    Considering the highly priced SF IV Collectors Edition dropped to about £20 eventually, this might be one to get later on. £60 is too much for this in my opinion.

  19. dlc28:
    I'm not too sure if anyone is interested in this but have just put this up on their site for £49.99. That's a tenner cheaper than Game.

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