MCM and Memorabilia London held between the 28th to 30th November, unique items and prizes to be won

The London Movie Comic and media Expo and Memorabilia London is starting tomorrow and will end on the 30th, both will run side by side and buying en entry ticket for one will give access to both.

There will several previews and playable demos of up and coming games such as The Darkness 2, Zelda Skyward sword and  final Fantasy Xiii-2. A full list of games can be found here:

There will also be tournaments held by Pqube for Arcana Heart 3 and BlazBlue Continuum Shift, the winner of each day will receive a very special Arcana Heart 3 or BlazBlue merchandise pack – exclusive to the MCM event (not available in stores). See here for details: Pqube – Arcana Heart 3 or BlazBlue

The above is only a very small amount of what to expect, there will signing and panel events for many books, comics , artist and game designers. There will also guess apperances such as the voice actor for Altaïr in Assassin creed, cast from Xenoblade and Dragon age. Again the list is too large to mention but a full list can be found here: Guest appearances MCM expo

Prices start from £10 for the weekend and will be held at ExCeL London

More information on both the MCM and Memorabilia London here: