The Last Story Collectors Edition

We already discussed about the CE, eurogamer now added some new pictures.


– steelbook cover

– soundtrack CD

– art book

I hope we will receive more information soon.

Update: Wow, that was quick, it is already aviable for preorder. I found this CE in some Stores in Switzerland, / / have no further information about it.

Release Date: 24.02.2012

Price: CHF 79.00 / € 59.99 / £ 44.95

Amazon UK £ 44.99
Zavii £ 44.95
Amazon DE € 59.99


  1. rapidly-greying:
    I'm just collecting for ps3 but if thats less than 50quid, its bought.

  2. vhal_x:
    If the price in £s is the same as the conversion from Swiss Francs, then it will be priced around £55 xx

  3. nipperkipper:
    Zavvi have it available for preorder

    price is a staggering £86

  4. sleepwalker:
    Haha, £86.

  5. sleepwalker:
    The one from Switzerland is about 50. So my guess is 59,99 @ UK Amazon.

  6. ferrari100:
    Im hoping we get a reasonable price from amazon uk.

  7. nipperkipper:
    Yeh i guess the Zavvi price will go down as well but still, talk about inflation

  8. ferrari100:
    Price up at Amazon france. 60 euros
    So hopefully UK a little less

  9. MayBee:
    it looks like mass produce copy of this game....high chance to see it on eBay afterward.

  10. gurpswoo1:
    I would base demand on the same level as Xenoblade and Zelda Skyward sword.

    Both the limited bundle versions sold out very quickly, I can't imagine Nintendo producing millions of these. It's for the Wii and more importantly Nintendo have a history of not over producing limited Editions.

    I am a little surprised that the limited Japan Pre-order "Elements of the last story" is being translated. The only down side is the CD is only 7 tracks.

  11. Neilikki:
    So, if someone is still oblivious (there are like four threads for this game, here, lol), the cheapest price seems to be on at £34.99
    Don't know if mistake, so you better hurry!

  12. BallisticCrux: currently have it listed for £45 today, pre-ordered my copy straight away since it will most likely shift upwards in price again.

  13. sandrik:
    It Got listed at for 39.99 gbp

  14. RyT:

  15. sleepwalker:

  16. MayBee:
    wow, that's beautiful. Do you know if there are pictures of inside artwork, if any?

    Originally Posted by thesirren View Post

  17. gurpswoo1:
    That is one stunning steelbook.

  18. Lightning00:
    Originally Posted by thesirren View Post
    Way too beautiful... make me really sad that I won't able to play this game :'( I'll still buy the CE nevertheless but I really want to play the game too x_x

    if I buy this where should I buy it from game or HMV? I don't mind paying 2 more pound then HMV if game packaging is much better

  19. sleepwalker:
    Whats the problem? Wasn't Last Story released in USA already?

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