Armored Core: Verdict Day (C03 Pack)

Platform: Xbox 360 Edition: (C03 Pack) Format: PAL
Published by Namco Bandai Games
Released in Germany on Sep 27, 2013 at a price of €149.99

The C03 Pack of Armored Core Verdict Day includes the following:

  • Action Figure
  • Stickers for Mech Action Figure
  • Visual & Parts Art Book
  • Soundtrack CD

The C03 Pack is sold exclusively through

Armored Core Verdict Day C03 Pack


  1. CheapAssassin:
    Full Game Name: ARMORED CORE: Verdict Day
    Edition Name: ARMORED CORE: Verdict Day Club Namco Edition
    Platform(s): PS3 Only
    Region(s): Region 1
    Publisher: Namco
    Release Date: Not Sure
    Price (RRP): 149.99 USD
    Content Description:
    ? Game
    ? Action Figure
    ? Art Book
    ? Digital Soundtrack
    Link(s) to source(s):

  2. Forces:
    Why hasn't this been added?

  3. mosavon:
    ** (Club Namco Edition) for PS3 added to database **

    Will update with the correct release date once i know.

    why is the release date 2012?

    the normal one doesn't even come out until September 24 of this month on amazon.

    edit my bad didn't see your comment that you will update once you see the release date

  5. toxicatom5:
    So I had an order for this that I had completely forgotten about, and it arrived yesterday. It's shrink wrapped in a single box in case anyone was wondering. But the part I was most curious about is the sticker over the seal that says "157 / 250". I don't remember seeing that this was going to be a limited run anywhere. Anyone have some insight on this?

  6. twistedsymphony:
    I'm 185/250

    If this edition really is limited to 250 units then that makes my incredibly happy.

    I'll have pictures of mine up soon but I'm not breaking the seal.

  7. toxicatom5:
    The fact that we have two different numbers "/ 250" is encouraging. It doesn't' say anything about being limited though so I don't know what to think. If it is that limited it seems like they'd want to advertise it.

  8. twistedsymphony:
    photos have been added

    here's the pic of my seal:

    I've tweeted @NamcoGames to see what the deal is with the seal and if they're really limited.

  9. BluAngel69:
    I've also got one with a diff number.

  10. twistedsymphony:
    Originally Posted by BluAngel69 View Post
    I've also got one with a diff number.
    What number did you get?


    I still haven't heard back from Namco

  11. twistedsymphony:
    There's one on ebay 198/250:

    the listing states that it was limited to 250 but I'm guessing they're just assuming that based on the seal.

  12. CheapAssassin:
    I should be getting mine today. I will post my number here too

    So happy, if it is true that it is only limited to 250 units only.

  13. twistedsymphony:
    it appears to be still available on the Namco website... if this is the case then it seems to be selling pretty poorly.

  14. amb6883:
    Originally Posted by Twistedsymphony View Post
    it appears to be still available on the Namco website... if this is the case then it seems to be selling pretty poorly.
    It's not there anymore.

  15. toxicatom5:
    Wow, that was fast. Who knows? Maybe it really is limited to 250.

    The one on eBay is still there. If you were considering buying this at all, that's not a terrible deal.... With shipping and tax it cost just over $170.00 originally, so I think this person will be taking a small loss or barely breaking even if it sells at their current BIN (there would be $20-$30 in eBay/PayPal fees, plus their shipping costs) unless they got it much less than I did or have significantly lower eBay/PayPal fees.

  16. nipperkipper:
    That's gone now too. Ah man this release came at the worst possible time, really liked the box as well

  17. canuckcollector:
    Mine is 172.

  18. amb6883:
    Hear back from Namco yet?

  19. BluAngel69:

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