Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition (Russian)

The Russian Collector’s Edition of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood of Blood comes in a cardboard box and includes the following:

  • Altair’s Codex in leather cover
  • 6 pewter figurines displaying multiplayer characters and enemies
    • Doctor (Malfatto)
    • Priest (Ristoro)
    • Executioner (Il Carnefice)
    • Engineer (Gaspar de la Croix)
    • Courtesan (Fiora Cavazza)
    • Prowler (Il Lupo)
  • Bonus DVD and game soundtrack
  • DLC content:
    • Helmschmied Drachen armor for Ezio
    • 2 Singleplayer maps: Trajan Market and The Aqueducts
    • 2 Multiplayer characters: Offiicer and Harlequin

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Collector’s Edition (Russian) Assassin's Creed Brotherhood of Blood Collector's Edition Russian 03 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood of Blood Collector's Edition Russian 04

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  1. twistedsymphony:
    Pictures Added...

  2. gurpswoo1:
    This edition looks really nice, especially the figure, can't tell between the this version or the PAL Codex edition. Which one is better.

  3. Icek:
    Full Title: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Auditore Edition
    System: PS3/Xbox 360/PC
    Region: PAL
    Bar Code:
    Release Date:
    Release Price (RRP/MSRP): Ł39,99 (PC) and Ł54,99 (PS3, Xbox360)
    Content Rating: PEGI 18
    Other info (description/exclusivity/etc.):

    * A copy of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    * 3D Thermoformed Portrait of Ezio Auditore
    * Multiplayer Characters Collectible Cards, including Kill Moves and Biographies
    * Assassin's Creed Lineage DVD
    * Exclusive Single-player outdoor map, "The Aqueducts"
    * Single-player in-game armour for Ezio, "Helmchmied Drachen armor"

  4. gurpswoo1:
    Those in the UK can purchase this at a good price from Coolshop

    PC version = £34.50
    Xbox version = £42.99
    PS3 version = £53.99

  5. gurpswoo1:
    Here is the unboxing video.

  6. gurpswoo1:
    Here is the unboxing video

  7. gurpswoo1:
    Here is the unboxing video, it's for the Xbox 360 but the only difference is the game inside.

  8. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Ubisoft are certainly milking this game. A shame to see the Lineage Dvd make a reappearance, especially as that was one of the main selling points for the Codex Edition

  9. matze1975:
    I want to buy the US Collectors Edition with the Jack in the Box, but i´m not sure if €49,90 plus €3,90 for shipping is ok for it! It´s new. So what do you think? Buy or not?

  10. gurpswoo1:
    That's a good price, it still $99 else where. Where can you get it for that price.

  11. matze1975:
    I found it at ,but the price is now €104,90! Waited to long to get it!

  12. gurpswoo1:
    **Added Japan Special Edition ( Game of the year edition) PS3**
    **Added Japan Special Edition ( Game of the year edition) Xbox 360**

  13. angelus0901:
    I really want the Doctor Collector's Edition. But it's so expensive... One day!!

    This is sth I need to have before I die...

  14. gurpswoo1:
    Here's a guy on eBay,

    Only $5 shipping, not sure about the condition though, even if it's sealed.

  15. angelus0901:
    Wow, that's cheapest one I have seen so far. But it doesn't say if it's PAL or NTSC, and I can't see it clearly on the picture... It's from the States, so it's probably NTSC (I need PAL)...

  16. Ayiu:
    The Doctor CE is US exclusive.

  17. mosavon:
    seems cheap, you should enquire about the condition or maybe your not too fussed?

  18. Littlefeet1:
    If i'm not mistaken the good Doctor Jack-in-the-Box was a BestBuy store's exclusive, while the Harlequin is Gamestop's exclusive. Because i do own the Harlequin. I even went to the mid-night launch.

    here's one as well

  19. themidlandmaster:
    Nope, the Harlequin was a gamestop exclusive, everywhwere else got the doctor. I bought a copy of the doctor edition from amazon

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