Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition

Platform: Xbox 360 Edition: Collector's Edition Format: PAL
Published by Warner Home Video Games
Released in Australia on Oct 19, 2011 at a price of $149.99
Released in United Kingdom on Oct 21, 2011 at a price of £69.99
Released in Europe on Oct 21, 2011 at a price of €89.99

The Collector’s Edition of Batman Arkham City comes in a large cardboard box and includes the following:

  • Batman statue produced by Kotobukiya
  • Art book
  • Early access to the Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns skin
  • Batman: Arkham City DLC soundtrack
  • DC Universe animated original movie, Batman: Gotham Knight
  • Four collectible cards

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Batman franchise.


  1. themidlandmaster:
    First appearance, on French Amazon

  2. Littlefeet1:
    Thanks, but no contents had been revealed yet. I'm keeping an eye on this one. Yes, i've reserved a copy(regular version) through Gamestop. What's keeping them so long announcing a collector's edition?

  3. themidlandmaster:

    Probably going to be announced this week

  4. themidlandmaster:
    Contents announced:
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    Release Date
    WB Games
    PlayStation 3
    Action & Adventure

    When night falls on Gotham and the seedy undergrowth of the city emerges, Batman is there waiting. Ever vigilant, the Dark Knight monitors the city he protects from high above the gritty streets. No one knows his deepest secret — except Dr. Hugo Strange. With Gotham's criminally insane, vile villains and insidious characters confined within the walls of Arkham City, Batman must fight to ensure his true identity remains hidden from the citizens he vows to protect.

    The Dark Knight returns to Gotham in the follow-up to the award-winning Arkham Asylum in Batman: Arkham City. This exclusive Collector's Edition brings the Caped Crusader to life in a whole new way with a premium statue, a beautifully designed art book, Gotham Knight animated content, early access to digital add-on content and more. Explore this all-new world that is five times larger than the Asylum using a variety of new and enhanced gameplay features. Glide, soar and grapple through the City as you engage in hand-to-hand combat against enemies or take advantage of Batman's trademark stealth maneuvers. Interact with an infamous cast of classic characters, including Dr. Hugo Strange, who knows the deep, dark secret of the Caped Crusader.


    Collector's Edition includes a premium statue, an art book, Gotham Knight animated content, early access to digital add-on content and more
    Premium statue is produced by Kotobukiya to bring the excitement of the game into the real world
    Flip through the pages of a brilliantly illustrated art book to soak up all the Arkham City content available
    Get a jump on the competition when you receive exclusive access to add-on content before anyone else
    Gotham Knight animated content brings the story to life

    Presumambly to be revealed at comic con

  5. john385:
    UK edition revealed:

  6. asiak75:
    sweeeeeet...gosh hope pre orders will be soon available!!!
    Love the cheap plastic ala batoreng I hope...

  7. themidlandmaster:
    No picture yet:

    Comes with:
    Batman Arkham City Steel Book Case
    Joker Carnival Challenge Map DLC
    70’s Batsuit skin DLC
    Batman Under the Red Hood DVD (Blu Ray for PS3)

  8. jugolicious:
    Steelbook or hard to choose =( Will wait for picutres

  9. Matrix6:
    Originally Posted by themidlandmaster View Post
    No picture yet:

    Comes with:
    Batman Arkham City Steel Book Case
    Joker Carnival Challenge Map DLC
    70’s Batsuit skin DLC
    Batman Under the Red Hood DVD (Blu Ray for PS3)
    The link doesn't go to said edition any longer?
    Will this be another collector's edition replacing the original CE or another edition EB exclusively secured? I'd hate to get two CEs for this game

  10. Matrix6:

    Guys hurry before stocks run out or they fix the price!!

    CE for Xbox360 & PS3 versions supacheap!

    EDIT: So very's too's all gone

  11. themidlandmaster:
    Its a second one. Link still goes to steelbook?

  12. themidlandmaster:
    Also very cheap here:

    They remove VAT if your buying outside europe

  13. Matrix6:
    Thanks for the update, I can see it now. Thanks for nothing EB you selfish basterds! I really want the Robin skin DLC from JB, but now I have to cancel the CE from JB and also look for the steelbook from the UK [hopefully GAME.UK gets it]

  14. themidlandmaster:
    eb steelbook, without steelbook

  15. Matrix6:
    Will preorder and then decide to keep or not on release day.
    Can't believe it's "exclusive" to Australia!!
    Too bad I already have the movie on bluray as well :s

  16. Atter:
    Another Arkham City Steelbook:

    Batman: Arkham City Two Face Steelbook Edition comes with:
    - Batman Arkham City Two Face Steelbook Case
    - Shopto Exclusive 1970's Batman Suit DLC

    Release date: 2011. October 21.

    At the moment only list it.

  17. mosavon:
    Damn thats nice
    pre-ordered, thanks

  18. Mike1888:
    Is that the final box art? You'd think two face would be on it?

    Nice find, I wonder if other retailers will be getting a hold of this 1?

  19. mosavon:
    possibly not final box art, maybe theres a face on the rear? very nice though

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